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Are there any credible conspiracy theories?



  • How about a scientific approach: evaluating conspiracy theories, based on data gathered from actual conspiracies?

    With 'actual conspiracies' I mean things like politicians and business people conspiring - like offering and accepting bribes - and being caught, and brought to court, with data driven proof of their interaction, like financial records, or phone records.

    Something like this:

    Looking at things like:

    • how many people were involved
    • how long was this going on
    • personalities, professions, background of the people involved
    • what was the gain (financial, political)
    • who profited
    • how were they found out

    So, if, hypothetically, there are no actual conspiracies that involve hundreds of people, that have no clear gain, that have people of integrity conspiring and keeping quiet, that could indicate that conspiracy theories claiming these things are not a description of anything going on in reality.

    An extension of that could also be to look at sites like Facebook or conspiracy video sites, and see how many of their conspiracy theories resulted in something tangible, like arrests, convictions, changes in legislation, etc.

  • Why would it be a problem for Russians to land Russian troops onto and in and around Russian Naval base?

    The Black Sea port of Sevastopol was and IS a miulitary naval base for the Russian blue fleet. Surely if you have a problem with Russian soldiers arriving therein then why weren't you crying about Russian warships, frigates, submarines, etc. accessing the port for years?

    You also talk of a fake referendum. Pew and Gallup saw no impropriety in the referendum. The Crimeans have been calling for a a referendum to become part of Russia again since 1991/2

    In conclusion, if the majority of Novirussian Crimeans were annexed against their will, then where is the resistance to this foreign "gun to the head" occupation? I don't see any "free Crimea movement" or the usual suspects landing boatloads of arms to a seperatist movement. I don't see any clamours for help such as "free us all from the Russian tyranny and let us go back to being second class citizens, ruled by Kiev"

    All I see is a beautiful area with people enjoying their lives. Have a look. And then the odd moron claiming that the Tatars are being marginalised.

  • Pay attention to what was written. "Russia landed troops in Crimea to guard over key installations, Putin said they weren't Russian, then later admitted on national TV that they were.". They seized the whole region not just Sevastopol. That was illegal, and the referendum was illegitimate. As such it wasn't internationally recognised by most countries. Online polling sites like Pew and Gallop aren't election observers. Many in Crimea wanted to join Russia but that doesn't validate Russia illegally annexing Crimea and holding a false vote.

    If the Irish army decided to rush into Northern Ireland, take key installations, then hold a "referendum" in 3 weeks that offered Irish rule or greater autonomy from English rule - it wouldn't be internationally recognised either, regardless of how many Irish supported it.

    The whole thing was masterfully done by the Kremlin. Conspiracy theorists love to hate "the West", in line with their tiresome narrative that "the good guys are bad" and as such feel they have to constantly defend leaders like Putin. Which is hilariously ironic considering he's a corrupt authoritarian leader who is unfathomably rich on a state salary, has been in power for 20 years, oversees a vast state media propaganda apparatus, and regularly has opposition politicians (and others) jailed, poisoned and murdered.

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  • Building 7 never sits well with me ...

    Just the way it fell, using linear motion maths, the roof basically fell in the time it would take to fall if there was nothing underneath it ... like a controlled demolition.