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Vanmoof bike vendors and/or similar bike vendors



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    MJohnston wrote: »
    Ah, right, yeah, I was hoping for phone notifications, an absolutely criminally missing feature.

    I believe it's coming soon officially to the VanMoof App, as well as the Moofer App. I've read in the last few days, some riders have received alarm notifications, via their mobiles. So they are trialing it at the moment.

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    Wife’s X3 arrived yesterday but the seat post bolt snapped when I was setting up the saddle height for her. MJohnston of this parish gave me some great info last night and I’ve managed to get a replacement bolt from my local bike shop. Going to make a second attempt later, hopefully this one works!

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    I’ve removed references to an app which tampers with the legal limits on the bikes.

    It’s not a very smart move using it — it will make you liable to follow all the requirements for a motorcycle (including tax etc), being in breach of such is a serious offence, you could end up in court and have your bike and driver’s licence (if you have one) taken off you, and then you’re also likely voiding your agreements with VanMoof.

    — moderator

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    I got a blue S3 late last year and covered about 350km on it without any issues. I was going for a cycle a few weeks ago and got what customer service called 'the full cocktail of battery issues':

    It's back in it's box and on it's way to Amsterdam for repairs. Anyone else here sent their bike back? Did it take long and has it been okay since it came back?

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    That’s a pity, hopefully they can turn it around ASAP for you. New battery and/or smart cartridge needed I suspect.

    I see that some bike shop in Harold’s Cross (Life in Motion) is confirmed as the Dublin service centre. Pity VM didn’t let you know, might have been possible for them to fix it without sending it back.

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    The Mrs got an email, she must be on a mailing list that I’m not.

    “We're excited to announce that Life in Motion in Dublin is now a VanMoof certified workshop. This new partnership makes it even easier to get your X3 and S3 VanMoof bike serviced – no brand store visit required.”

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    That's good to know thanks, it must be pretty recent. They did a blog post a few weeks ago confirming a Dublin workshop was coming but no details on the location were included.

    I asked customer care if any local option was available but they said it had to go back to HQ. It arrived yesterday anyway so hopefully they'll turn it round reasonably quickly.

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    The S3 seem to have a lot of issues based on the number of complaints online .... yet i still want one :). Does any know if they sorted out the quality issues ?

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    I got one a couple of weeks ago and it arrived with a dysfunctional e-shifter. Currently waiting the three weeks for a Saturday appointment at Life In Motion.

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    sigh ... not what i wanted to hear.I live in Galway, so popping up to Dublin for constant bike maintenance is not what i want :( .

    If cowboy shipped to Ireland, i think would go for the cowboy 4 over the S3 purely due to S3 quality issues.

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    My current bike tried to get me killed while crossing a major road, so I've decided to look into a new bike, and these seem to fit the bill. I've looked back a fair bit through the thread, but can't seem to find up to date info about getting this on the bike to work. Do I just email them for a quote and then hand that into work?

    Does their "find a bike" service work in Ireland?

    And I'm 183 cm tall, would I be better off with the S3, or the X3?


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    There’s a link to email them in relation to the UK scheme on the website, just change the info that autocompleted to Ireland instead of the UK and they’ll send you a quote with a two attached order numbers, one for 1500 and one for the rest. When vanmoof receive the 1500 they’ll send you a link to pay the rest.

    With regard to the height, I’m 5’9” and would say I’m at the minimum height for the S3.

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    I haven't read through this entire thread but did anyone who works for the HSE manage to a VanMoof through the Cycle to work scheme?

    The company has been unwilling to sign out the HBS New Vendor form for my HSE Cork & Kerry office so they can be registered as a supplier. I already found their Tax Reference Number and TCA number in this thread and no doubt can find the rest of the very basic details but I can't sign it myself.

    I have contacted the Irish service centre but they also are unable to help.

    The Scheme is closed at the moment but will open again in a few weeks. When I finally get my shed I do want to get a X3 but can't justify buying one outside of the Cycle to Work Scheme. The discount is to big to ignore.

    Any advice is welcome.