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Financial support college

  • 20-07-2020 11:03pm
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    Wondering if anyone knows any financial support or services that may be available for mature students so long story short never went to college as had weight issues lost 20 stone now have the confidence to go back to do my dream and get my degree got accepted and was working part-time to pay my way through and am going to get the grant which is 70 a week but now due to covid I have now lost my job and don't know what to do desperately looking for a new part-time job, but as a mature student I wouldn't be able to live on 70 a week especially with driving up and down to college, any one know other financial supports available


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    Could you hit a family member for a loan? Maybe a grandparent who is sitting on a load of cash and would rather spend it on one of their darling grandkids?

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    Hello OP; I think you may find this forum a bit more suitable for your question.