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Panna cotta leaf gelatine amount

  • 18-07-2020 6:36pm
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    I followed an RTE recipe for hazelnut pannacotta but it turned out to stiff.

    The recipe called for powder gelatine but I only had leaf. Google told me 3 leaves for the amount , 600ml but it was too stiff
    Any gelatine experts advise on this? I was tempted to try 2 then but not sure if that's enough . I know it's a fine line with pannacotta..


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    I guess it is this one, calling for 1.5 teaspoons.

    RTE recipe for hazelnut pannacotta

    As "sheets" is a bit vague I would go for weight.

    google says
    There are 3.08 grams of powdered gelatin in 1 teaspoon.

    Guessing you went for these sheets, it is 13g in 8 sheets. Each sheet is 1.625g

    4.62g in 1.5 teaspoons so 2.84 sheets. So you were close to that, but looking it up more some will gel better.
    Gelatine sheets come in four separate grades, which are bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Each grade is associated with various “bloom strengths,” or their ability to set a gel. This means that gram for gram, platinum will set a stronger gel than gold, silver a stronger gel than bronze, etc.

    The bloom strength for each grade is:

    Bronze leaf gelatine Pork
    Bronze leaf gelatine Pork
    Bronze: 125-135
    Silver: 160
    Gold: 190-220
    Platinum: 235-265
    To compensate for the fact that one sheet has a higher bloom strength than another; each grade of gelatine has a different weight, making their overall ability to set a gel, more or less equal. For example:

    Bronze: 3.3g
    Silver 2.5g
    Gold: 2.0g
    Platinum: 1.7g

    the dr oetker sheets were platinum.

    the standard oetker stuff is here
    Dr. Oetker Gelatine Sachets set 1 pint of liquid per sachet.
    that is 4grams to 1 pint.

    The platinum says
    4 Leaves will set one pint of liquid.
    so 6.5g to one pint! so now I am totally confused!

    The platinum is pork while standard is beef, maybe that matters too.

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    Sheets vary in size, I was caught out like that before! Now I follow whatever the pack of gelatine says it needs per pint rather than the recipe.