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Big bags of flour - how and where are ye storing them?

  • 17-07-2020 12:17am
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    So I got lucky through the lockdown, I was keeping a bag or two of odlums strong flour over what I needed cause of Brexit, so I managed to keep us in pizza (using up random fancy flour dregs too). I am thinking of picking up one of the big bags now (that ye are all raving over), but how do you store the huge bag of flour? Do you jam it in a kitchen press? Do you shove it in the garage folded over and hope for the best? Do you have a GIANT tupperware to decant it into?


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    Currently sitting in the spare room in a large cardboard box to contain any spillage. We decant the flour into Tupperware containers to keep a more manageable quantity in the kitchen.

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    We got some Mylar bags. I'd never heard of them, but I saw this video

    By luck, the ones I got took 400g of flour just right. A fun lockdown afternoon bagging flour :)
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    Joined the queue from hell at Ikea last week and got one of their biggest food containers - it's 10.6litres

    Not sure how much flour it holds but I think about 4 to 5 kilos.

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    I have mine in a cupboard under the stairs, pegs holding the top of the sack closed and it's sitting in a large bin bag in case of spillage. I take around 2kg out at a time into a ziploc bag.

    I remember years ago a neighbour complaining to Odlums about weevils in her flour. She was storing it in Tupperware. They sent someone out and he said flour shouldn't be stored for long in an airtight container because it needs to breathe. This was the lat 80s though, the advice might be different now.

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    Yeah, the weevils thing is gross. Buddy of mine moved into a place in 2004ish and the previous tenants were known to have a breadmachine and in one of the presses they found half a huge sack of flour and it was HEAVING with weevils. I have been checking flour ever since (occasionally still striking weevils)

    There's only two of us in the house, and while we do eat quite the amount of bread and pizza, I just figure it will take us a fair while to get through a 15kg sack...

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    My sourdough starter gets taken out of the fridge every couple of weeks and left open for a few hours. Maybe do the same with the flour.

    With the amount of animals/dust wandering round our house. Flour really has to be stored safely. :rolleyes: