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Ghislaine Maxwell trial



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    What do mean social media accusations?

    She lodged multiple lawsuits, because the law was changed.

    She said she may have been mistaken about Derchowitz, not that she definitely was. Like I said, I am assuming the possibility of a settlement there given the tone and manner of how they pulled the case.

    As for gospel, I fully believe on the evidence that she was groomed, trafficked and serially raped as a child, I think the pathetic attempt to discredited her for whatever bizarre reason is beyond crass.

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    She didn’t give evidence in the Maxwell trial but one of the victims that did said it in her testimony, that Virginia recruited her. That might be why she wasn’t called. Another poster mentions it in this thread.

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    of course you don't. Your posting history shows that very strongly.

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    This is an absolutely despicable suggestion, the thinly veiled threats that Roberts is only after the money.

    The absence of a criminal trial is not down to her, not by a long shot. She worked long and hard with other victims to push for a criminal trial for Epstien and others, and were frustrated at every turn by authorities. In particular, a very dodgy plea deal was done by the then Florida Attorney General Alex Acosta (later appointed as Labor Secretary by Trump) giving immunity to Epstein and other around Epstein to future charges, so Epstein would serve 13 months in an open prison. He got to leave the prison most days by limo of course, and ignored the plea deal restrictions on travel.

    Dershowitz has explicitly said that he accepts that the Roberts allegation was made in good faith. He doesn't need you to save him.

    I wonder if you'll be as quick to blame the two Blackrock 'boys' who were in the press for pursuing their civil case against their abusing priest and his order? Or is there something special about the female victim Roberts that inspires your victim blaming?

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    I didn’t “suggest” anything - I merely pointed out that US civil trials are all about money not justice - and in fact most are settled out of court -so calm down dear

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    A dozen posts removed from two posters who seem to just want to bicker

    Threadbans for any repeat

  • There is justice and there’s truth. Falsely accusing one person calls her testimonies into question.

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    Mainly for opportunists who are looking primarily for any opportunity to discredit her, rather than looking for justice or truth. She was one of many teenage girls exploited by Epstein and others.

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    The problem is the American justice system itself-if the statute of limitations runs out, then you're into the seedy world of civil lawsuit which essentially plays out in the newspapers and gets settled on the court steps- - over 90% of civil lawsuits are settled in New York as we heard when the Prince Andrew legal proceedings took place.

    Its got nothing to do with justice and everything to do with lawyers making money and alleged victims, some money- "justice" is a mile away drowning its sorrows in some irish bar.

    The wording of the legal agreement in this most recent case is open to interpretation as we have seen from some posts- neither side wants to admit defeat - there were 2 legal guns pointed at both, one suing for the sexual allegation, and the other for defamation- one a very experienced Harvard professor- no financial settlement- it just shows it's about your lawyer is better/worse/equal to my lawyer in terms of outcome, in some circumstances.

    Other people she's accused, such as the renowned US politician involved in the Irish peace process, hasn't had any lawsuit against him as far as I can see- he denies even meeting her, no less anything else- that's a strong denial and one that shouldn't be too difficult to prove- I just think its sad this kind of thing can happen- Ireland is different- no statute of limitations, so criminal approach always the first step.

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    over 90% of civil lawsuits are settled in New York as we heard when the Prince Andrew legal proceedings took place

    Most civil cases everywhere are settled before going to trial.

    Most civil cases wouldn't stem from a criminal genesis though.

    12 million would be many many times the multiple of normal settled cases.

    He nounced her and he borrowed money so a fact finding trial and jury wouldn't make it official.

    Even his family accept it, people still thinking he is innocent really need to reassess their critical thought process.

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    ...actually I couldn't care less at this stage. I'll Just ignore considering the above Mod instruction and it's obvious what's happening here.

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