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Exhaust Air Heat Pump - Correct Sizing

  • 02-07-2020 8:49am
    Registered Users Posts: 147 ✭✭ Juantorena

    Hi all,

    New build, ~110sqm 2-storey. Prelim BER assessment indicating A3 rating. Due to external restrictions I am going with an EAHP but am in a bind wrt choosing the correct size/model.

    Bearing in mind the size of house, I have three make/model options in front of me the blurb for which suggest they are suitable for 60-120sqm, 120-180sqm and 100-200sqm.

    So the broad question is, when specifying a heat pump should one err towards a unit predominantly working towards the top end of its designed 'service' range (i.e. the first of the above listed) or towards the bottom? I am reading in a few places that it is better to be running constantly towards its top rather than over-spec'ing and have it starting/stopping/starting constantly..

    I understand there would be other inputs to take into account (energy demand) but any insight would be most appreciated.