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Advice for living in Dublin as a student

  • 01-07-2020 8:29pm
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    Hi all :)
    My name is Paul and I am an international applicant to Trinity College Dublin. Today my student accommodation application has unfortunately been rejected meaning I have to look for accommodation on my own which is very bad news. The prices are extremely high (I'm looking mostly for a single room as I don't know anyone I could live with in a shared one), however, if it gets bad enough I will have to apply for a shared room with someone random. I would like to ask you for some advice/answers on the following questions.

    1. (and foremost) Is there any Irish forum strictly for students? (have been looking for a while and still found nothing)

    2. Is it at all possible to still find a room around the second half of August? (1st round offers will be sent on the 16th leaving me with not much time to get ready to move and find a place)

    3. What is the estimated cost of living in Dublin as a student (rent included) from your own experience - it's extremely important for me and all the answers I've found online seem to come from literally one source?

    4. Where would you advise me to look for affordable student accommodation?

    5. What are the costs of sharing a house/apartment with a couple friends and is it a common practice amongst students? It's important for me as I'm looking forward to meeting people during my first year and then renting a place to stay together - I know it's very common in the UK, Holland and other countries in Europe but would like to know the situation in Ireland and Dublin specifically

    6. Is there something I should be particularly wary of when looking for accommodation?

    I'm sorry the post is chaotic and if it is out of topic please inform me if I've posted in the wrong forum. I really would love to study in Ireland and eventually move here however I am limited by the financial side of things and am afraid this constriction will eventually make it impossible for me to study in Dublin.

    Thank you for any piece of advice :)