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Government savings questions

  • 30-06-2020 5:43pm
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    Have some money we'd like to invest and am very adverse to risk; so we were thinking of government savings. We can afford to put it away for 10 years, so a 10 year bond will suit us. But I'd rather not put it all into a single bond in case something did happen that we needed to cash some of it in. So my question is: Is it possible to buy multiple separate 10 year bonds?

    I see that when you register for government savings, you fill out a form and present it to the post office with ID. On that form, you fill in an amount. But there is also an option online once you are registered to "add to your order". Does this mean that I can specify an amount on the form and purchase that bond, but can go later to the website and purchase another bond by "adding to my order"?

    Many thanks.