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Slim Cigarettes banned in Ireland

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    The European Union banned a number of tobacco products on May 20, the Irish Government included. The products banned were: small pouches of tobacco, menthol cigarettes and slim cigarettes. I smoked the latter. I had no warning they would be banned. When vendors stopped selling them, I sought out the shops that still had them in stock. Then I had to give them up because the stocks ran dry across the country. These were mild, low-tar cigarettes and I smoked 5-8 a day.

    I reached out to the HSE for support. They sent me a money box which looked like a Trocaire box. I felt like a poor cause. I can't fill that - you pay for smokes by card. But the flip-calendar they sent really help because it captures your days without.

    I am now 21 days smoke-free. But it's awful. I'm angry - I didn't want a higher power to tell me to cease smoking. On the other side, I feel liberated. I don't have to worry about finding the shops that sold slim cigarettes. I want to smoke, but there isn't a cigarette now in the land that I can smoke, because I only smoked slims.

    I have bought a vape with tobacco flavour.

    Has anyone else had this experience with either slim or menthol cigarettes or giving up in general at 21 days?

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