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Parking and traffic in Phoenix Park



  • I received the following update in relation to the Park this morning. I think a sensible compromise has been arrived at, recognising the diversity of users and the needs of those who also live and work in the Park.

    Changes to go ahead:

    • The walking and cycling changes proposed will be implemented (Q42021), as well as 30kph speed limit.
    • There will be no return to parking on Chesterfield Ave. A Parking Review due to the loss of parking on Chesterfield Ave will take place in Q42021. More parking will be made available on North Road.
    • North Road will be piloted as one-way from Cabra Gate to Garda HQ, west to east, from Q42021.
    • A cul de sac will be introduced on the Upper Glen Road on a pilot basis, from Q42021.
    • Cabra Gate will become a bus-only gate.
    • The proposed bus route pilot will go ahead, connecting Phoenix Park to Heuston and Broombridge Stations, from Q12022, depending on funding. There is no bus route pilot for Castleknock and Blanchardstown.
    • All pilots are for 9months and will be reviewed thereafter as to whether to make them permanent or not.
    • A review of the Study will take place in 5 years.

     Not going ahead:

    • The cul de sac of North Road is not going ahead, but one way access will be implemented on pilot basis as per the above.
    • A cul de sac inside Knockmaroon Gate isn’t going ahead at this time.
    • Ashtown Gate will remain open to two-way traffic (as opposed to becoming entry-only) at this time.
    • Further studies will be undertaken on both. A review of Ashtown and Knockmaroon Gates will be completed in Phase Three (3-7 years) once data collection and traffic modelling has been completed. This will be a collaboration between Fingal and Dublin County Councils and the NTA.

  • Usually we would go to the zoo maybe every 2nd month if the weather is good. Then spend the rest of the day getting ice creams or having picnics in phoenix park. Havent been since covid started though.

    We were supposed to go to the zoo a few weeks ago. Booked it online and got the tickets. Its about a 25km drive there from where we live.

    Got close to the park and there was traffic everywhere. After about an hour of getting nowhere we just decided to head for Tayto park. Other half got on the phone and booked tickets online. And as soon as we headed the opposite direction from phoenix park we had driven to, parked and were inside Tayto park within 25 mins tops.

    Wont be going to Dublin zoo again if thats what getting to it is going to be like.

  • Jimmy if you read the summary, "more parking will made available on North Road."

    The fact they aren't going to cul-de-sac this and instead make it one way, means a massive amount of tarmac space will be available for parking. I've no doubt Dublin Zoo were very vocal on this point, following the loss of the Chesterfield Avenue parking.

  • Dublin zoo is too crowded anyway.

    If you think about it going every 2nd month is just taking up space for people who rarely ever go.

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  • Good news that Upper Glen Road will be blocked IMO. And that parking on the Av will not be reintroduced - hopefully they can consider something more permanent now, to separate the lanes, than a line of cones.

    Making North Road one way so as to create a parking lane is smarter than I would have given the planners credit for

    all in all, it seems like a good compromise

  • Ive never seen it too crowded.

    But no need to worry about us taking up space in it anymore anyway.

    Sure we cant even get to it in a reasonable time frame.

  • We would have used the park a lot pre covid. Since the changes we've mostly only gone to Farmeigh and the visitor center. The stuff we would have gone into the main park for we now go to other parks, like Catherines Park etc. We our annual Zoo pass expired during the first lockdown and I doubt we'll get another. I was down there recently to meet someone at the Zoo. I had to drive around for 10~15 mins then park a long distance away. I think I was lucky to get that. Still because there so many other parks that we can use, lots with food markets that have sprung up we haven't really missed the park.

  • Just a few minutes up the road there's a public grounds with 100s of open acres that nobody frequents. Went there for a picnic 2 weeks ago and only 1 other car parked on the whole estate :pac:

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  • From a cycling perspective I would have liked the Chesterfield Avenue parking to have been restored. It would also solve a lot of the parking issues.

    For younger/nervous/inexperienced cyclists it is safer and more comfortable for them to be on the off road cycle track (and the surface is better).

  • Someone from OPW on rte radio 1 this morning, wants the park kept for bicycles and walkers.

  • As it should be

  • I aint sayin nuthin, a friend showed it to us a while back and warned if he ever saw more than 4 cars I'd be dead to him.

  • War Memorial Park?

  • Plenty of space around Tolka valley also, and Waterstones park in Palmerston.

    Parking on the North road needs to be marked out, way too many bad parkers!

  • I ain't sayin nuthin ( but not the war memorial park)

  • From what I have seen, visitor numbers to the Park seem to be way down since the parking restrictions were introduced.

    Very sad to see.

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  • Interesting. Who from the OPW was on radio undermining their Minister and why?

  • From what I see, there are still plenty of visitors to the park.

  • Plenty of visitors is still less than it was before and thousands of people are losing access to the amenity.

  • You would think that only the people who live near the park pay for it the way some are talking here.

  • Does OPW stand for only people walking?

  • How are people losing access? The park is still there, parking is still there, gates are still open and they are adding a bus route through the park, surely that actually gives more access to people!

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  • You only have to look at other similar parks across Europe, for example, Bois du Boulogne or Bois des Vincennes in Paris to see amenities much more used by the local populations and which don't try and restrict access like is being done with the Phoenix Park.