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In car charging Powakaddy Lithium Battery for a C2i Trolley

  • 07-06-2020 8:12pm
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    Hi all,

    I've a terrible habit of forgetting my battery as I charge it in an outside shed so I'd like to keep it in the boot of the car with the trolley and golf bag and use a 12v inverter like this to automatically charge it in between rounds so it's always fully charged and in the car when I need it.

    Anyone else do the same?

    I'm a bit concerned about 2 things:-

    1. To charge the battery you need to ensure the green isolation LED is illuminated by toggling the button on. I can do this when I plug the battery in as I'm stowing the trolley in the boot after a round but I'm not going to be switching it on every time I drive the car as I mostly do 15-30 minute type trips during the week. Does anyone know if having toggled the LED on it'll stay that way for multiple charging sessions or will the battery only get charged that first time?

    2. If the battery is fully charged and it's left plugged in until the next time it's used will that do any harm to the battery? I assume there's a cut off when it's fully charged but I hate assuming anything!!