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Treatment for alcohol addiction

  • 23-05-2020 10:15pm
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    I am an alcoholic whose problem seems to be escalating.

    On the outside I am a fairly successful, outgoing and happy go lucky 30 year old female. On the inside I feel extremely empty and sad, so I drink. I struggle to cope with life and my emotions, so this is another reason I drink. But I know I'm going to ruin my life if I continue on this path. It's negatively affecting every aspect of my life and has been for some time now.

    I've tried going to AA, I've enlisted the help of an addictions counsellor, I've gotten books on the topic. But I still can't stop. I'm getting really scared, and desperate.

    At this stage I'm starting to think a treatment facility is what I need. My counsellor has suggested it several times. I'm looking into Cuain Mhuire as I have no health insurance, but it is an extremely scary step to take. I houseshare and I would hate lose my lovely house, plus I need somewhere to return to upon my discharge. So this means I would have to tell my housemate the truth abut my problem, which really scares me, and then maybe try organise a 3 month sub let while I'm gone.

    Then there's work. I'd have to tell my manager the truth (again, terrifying) but how do I explain to everyone else in work where I've been for 3 months? And how do I explain to my extended family? My immediate family would be supportive I'm sure but it's scary having to tell them too.

    I guess I wondered if anyone has any advice on how to navigate this, any experiences of rehab, any words of wisdom?

    I'm so scared and I'm feeling very vulnerable. I wish someone could guide me through what I need to do as right now I don't feel able to work through the logistics of going into rehab. It's overwhelming and I'm scared.


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    treatmentneeded@ just get treatment, there is no shame in saying you have a problem, once alcohol gets a hold of you, there is not getting away from it without help.
    My mam has a serious problem with alcohol, and has just recently decided to get help, and now she says it is the best thing she has ever done and wished she had done it sooner. Once you can admit you have a problem, the hardest step is to go in some where to get help. Once you go through a program, you will be a new person when you get out. Just do the right thing now, there is point in dragging it out longer that it should.

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    Get some help, you'll never regret it.
    Ask your boss for a career break, they probably know something is wrong, even if you think you're hiding it. This type of discussion Should not be spread around, so your boss will have to keep quiet.
    Don't tell them anything you don't want to - you could be on a retreat in the Wicklow mountains for all they need to know.
    Your flatmate probably also knows.
    Your doctor should be able to help you figure things out, or you may be able to get advice/support from a local drugs task force.
    I know there are various organizations in Dublin set up to help with addiction, and one in Drogheda if they're any use to you?

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    A poster who had been through rehab did an AMA, which you might find helpful

    I can well imagine it's difficult to take that first step, and that it's very natural to feel scared and vulnerable.

    All the best.

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    OP, is there a chance your employer would pay you for the absence? If so, then you can continue to pay your rent and not worry. Most large companies would have a policy of supporting employees through something like this. A lot of smaller companies wouldn't but if they value you they might be also willing to help.

    You never know until you ask. Everything is possible once you try.

    The one thing they can't do is sack you, so don't worry about that. If they decide they're not going to pay you then you can claim illness benefit, could you pay your rent from that? If you go into rehab you'll have no other expenses.

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    I think there is lots of excuses you could make your house mates.
    Have you told your Family? Thats more important and your friends.
    As to Your job-they are legally obligated to be supportive .
    REHAB is no cure all-people go in and it doesn't work. Others it will work.
    Have you tried a Group Called LIFE RING. Less Onerous than AA. Allows Cross Talk
    Id also suggest you'd read Annie Graces-book The Naked Mind. Very different from AA.
    Can I ask you how much you are drinking?
    Dont be too hard on yourself-you have kept a job. Well done. The Truth is booze is addictive and Everyone and I mean Everyone is on a trajectory of addiction with it-if they drink regularly.

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