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Covid-19 Kerry



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    Tesco in Killarney had packs of 5 for 12 euro - plenty of stock today around 12.

    Aldi in Killarney had some too when I was in there at the til.

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    Thank you for asking, I was negative.

    Happy New Year!

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    There was some stock in Dunnes Horan Centre this morning. €2.90 and limit of five per customer.

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    A pop up COVID-19 Testing Centre will be opened by the HSE in Killarney commencing on January 12.

    Test, by appointment only, will be offered at St Mary's Parish Hall.

    People who are considered ‘longest waiters’ will be offered appointments to attend.

    The extraordinary and unprecedented demand for this service experienced over the past week or so, far outstripped the capacity of our test centre in Tralee which is usually in a position to offer swabbing service within 24 hrs of demand,” said Michael Fitzgerald, Chief Officer for Cork/Kerry Community Healthcare.

    “With the huge efforts of staff and the deployment of antigen testing to those under 40 in certain circumstances , the waiting list is reducing significantly daily and we would hope to return to a more timely offer of service over the coming days . This pop up centre will assist the local service in Kerry to do so.”

    Tests for any Kerry test centre can be booked via this link:

    (Killarney Advertiser article)

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    The link doesn't even show Killarney as an option and I have been trying that link for past couple of days for Tralee and no appointments ever show up, it just says 0 appointments every time! Tried all hours of day and night so it's like none are being released at the moment rather than being snapped up as soon as available, my theory is they are all reserved for through doc tests these days, person is on docs list too but was trying online for them just in case could get one quicker.

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    You may need to ring to book it. Its strange that they haven't added it yet if its starting today.

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    It's still not added and still no tests showing up for Tralee, I don't actually think you can get a test in Kerry without going through GP at moment, online self referral doesn't seem to work at all while I read elsewhere that 1,000s of tests are now available again to book in Dublin area.

    Anyway person got appointment from call to doc, in Killarney even though Tralee based. Are they open at all over there at the moment I wonder, must glance in to see when passing later.

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    hospital high cases so restrictions on visiting

  • Registered Users Posts: 23,528 ✭✭✭✭ ejmaztec

    I agree with you on that but what's it got to do with Covid?

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