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Forum for discussion of sex work in Ireland?

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    Primary reason being, it's a topic rife for discussion.

    You may think,

    1) Technically, it's illegal. Could implicate in discussion and/or potential promotion of an unlicensed activity.

    2) Down with that sort of thing; it's so completely against the grain of Irish culture.

    As to the first point, I guess in a sticky you could include a few caveats like, "no discussion in relation to promotion" etc.
    Majority of topics would be related to its legal status etc.

    Second point, that's the beauty of it.

    So many cats get rustled; discussion of getting down and dirty is naturally potentially inflammatory.
    I think Irish society needs to be held down and blasted with the flame thrower of emotional volatility, cleansed with that beautiful fire.

    It's true if you search my post history, I have attempted to broach numerous topics surrounds sex work in Ireland (and beyond), and they typically get deleted or locked - to give the benefit of the doubt and presume due the sub forum being unsuitable.

    For this reason, a dedicated forum for discussion in formal terms around the industry.
    Not promotion.
    Not "how to get extras off the clock" etc.

    Legality, proponents, opponents, validity of arguments etc.

    But centered specifically, for and about - sex work.
    Be it escorting, potential licensed premises, massage parlors etc.
    And the fact that the Irish industry is currently at the mercy of some bozos that learned how to host a website, directly and exclusively attributable to state negligence.


    PS - yes I'm aware there is technically a website currently in existence which hosts sex work discussion in Ireland, titled not entirely co-incidentally, "Escort Ireland", however the irony being from what I observe, the clientele that frequent this site are not exactly the forward thinking type, and discussion of industry specifics of any kind is actually pretty much entirely forbidden - ironically.

    I guess cause they fear it may negatively impact their business model.

    A culture is rooted in its intergenderal attitude.
    Time to ease off the oppression and promote discussion.

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