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Red/Green flashing on Joule solar pump

  • 19-03-2020 11:46am
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    Hi guys
    Need some advice please.
    I have a Joule Solar Thermal Water heating system with evacuated tubes.

    I noticed a few days ago that it didn't seem to be putting any heat into the water, when I investigated I can see the Controller is requesting the pump to run (at 100%) but the pump does not appear to be running. The pump LED is flashing Green/Red where normally it flashes Green when running.

    From this I am speculating the pump is not running but what is the most likely cause? And is there anything I can do to remedy it?

    And, most importantly, will there be any damage caused if the pump isn't running?



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    Could be a lot of things. A leak, an air bubble. Lots of things. How long have you had it? If it's been a few years (since you got it serviced), you might get it serviced and the coolant replaced. They will usually maintain the system and fix any leaks for no extra cost. Had to to same for mine last year after just 3 years, cost me EUR250 (turned out I had a massive leak)

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