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Coronavirus (COVID-19)



  • The test centre in Glanmire was a disgrace.

    In comparison, the airport one is excellent and very fast, Mallow Rd one a bit slow but excellent too. Drive thro us the way to go.

    Made no sense with potential Covid positives to queue closely going into a tent for a test in Glanmire.

    Yes, I've been around, I've a few kids that have had colds etc or been close contacts, before new regime of antigen.

  • Some new restrictions today, will be from December 7th until January 9th. Michael Martin said it won't be back to lockdown days and thanked and acknowledged people for getting vaccinated and making the 4th wave not too bad

    • Nightclubs closed
    • 6 people per table in pubs and hotel bars/restaurants, must social distance with 1m between tables, masks when not sitting, table service, midnight close
    • 50% capacity for indoor sports, cultural and entertainment events. Masked and seated
    • COVID pass for gyms, leisure centres, hotel bars and hotel restaurants (surprised the last two were ever exempt)
    • Home visits should try to keep to three families plus the family who own the home (i.e. four families) but understand that you may need flexibility around this
    • Financial aid for hospitality extended

    Not a good announcement for nightclubs but hopefully not death for the rest of the hospitality sector. For the rest of society, not a huge impact unless you are unvaccinated and go to the gym. It was quite a positive message, even if it was cautious about the future. But he acknowledged that in a few weeks we might find out that Omnicron isn't that bad and we can be relieved, but in the meantime just be cautious. Mentioned huge South African spikes in cases, but kept highlighting that we are one of the most vaccinated countries in Europe and the world

  • What about pantos and concerts?

  • I assume they are part of cultural and entertainment, so 50% capacity if indoors

  • Its a bit ridiculous introducing all of these restrictions when overall hospital numbers have gone DOWN by 100 in the last few weeks, as has our biggest problem, ICU.

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  • We have a new super mutant on the way so Double M is trying to limit the spread.

  • At this stage I think it makes sense... better to be a bit cautious and proactive when we don't know what we're dealing with in Omicron, than to find ourselves suddenly overrun, and trying to react.

  • Hopefully that means Omicron won’t hit us like a barrel, and the restrictions will just be for a fortnight.

    Theres a chance omicron has already ripped through us and just wasn’t identified. Or, that it’s mild. I’d say if hospital numbers continue to drop below the 400 mark in the next or two they would have to open again.

    I will say, personally I know a raft of people who tested positive in the last couple of weeks, and at my work have 30% of staff off at the moment due to either isolating or diagnosed.

  • What are the odds on restrictions only being until January 9th based on past experience? Anyone taking bets?

  • All COVID test centres closed in Cork tomorrow because of the red warning.

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  • I got to see the testing system up close & personal in Germany at the weekend. ~5.5 months after my 2nd Pfizer dose I got a positive result. It was a walk-in centre in an empty unit in a shopping centre. Maybe 20 mins in the queue. Antigen test first & then a rapid PCR test if you were positive. Luckily my German friend was with me as way too many long words for my very basic grasp of the language!

  • ^ Hope you're doing okay!

  • Thanks for the good wishes, luckily the vaccines did the job & it's been fairly mild. The only day I felt ropey was during the visit to the test centre on Sat which was a bit stressful. Been on the mend since so hopeful of traveling back to Ireland next weekend.

  • 493 cases for Cork up to 15th of December

  • God that really got me in the begun to think i was getting so desensitised by it all

    Happy and safe Christmas

  • The Salutem Clinic in Ballincollig are doing walk in boosters for over 16s at the moment just in case anyone was unaware. You can book some appointments with them too through their website. I was in with them today for less than a minute - they're super quick!

  • Yep got it Tuesday! Was floored on Wednesday but definitely worth it!

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  • Positives everywhere in cork now , I know a lot of people with it here now :(

  • 11,182 cases, highest for ROI, stay safe, take care, Merry Christmas all

  • ,

  • Over 2m boosters administered nationwide... 3.6m are/were fully vaccinated.

    It is indeed great to see the City Hall boosters being queued for... The enthusiasm in the vast majority of us to do our bit for the benefit of all is great to see and amazing.

  • What is Cork hospitals like @ACitizenErased

  • Rocdoc testing centre is bad enough. Had a test yesterday and after me a massive queue had formed (after 1:20.. my appointment time but I wasn't actually tested until 1:50) however my dad was after me and had to queue and his 1:40 test time turned into 2:30. I didn't mind though because it was Stephens day and only having one of the 7 check in desks was acceptable

    Sister is currently there and the queue was nearly three times as big and has been queueing for 2 and a half hours now, and is only now nearly at the top (her appointment time was 4:20).

    Again, one desk of the 7 open to check in? Don't give out the appointments if you are going to be waiting that long, test centres are back to full capacity today as well. Plenty of complaints online about it too. Lots of people also leaving the queues which isn't a good thing.

  • Given the highly contagious nature of the latest variant coupled with the sheer amount of confirmed cases I imagine we aren't far off test & trace being overran again. Thankfully the booster programme and hospital capacity are going great and are OK currently and respectively.

  • Was this the drive in test area?

    Was there a few weeks ago with a child. It was very flimsy and slow at that stage. Checking in took up most if the time. At that stage there was a queue for private tests and a queue for hse tests. Sounds like both were merged together?

    As you said, it's not good that people go away because they're waiting so long. They shouldn't make appointments available if people can't get them in a timely manner.

  • Nope it's the one you book on the HSE site and then you have to park and queue in a queue. They do have 7 check in desks, they just don't have them open so it's one person checking in hundreds of appointments.

    There is private and public tests, same queue for both but every so often the worker came around asking who was the private one and they skipped to the front and went into a different room

    Seems like a private company just making the most of the HSE giving out money to me

    Absolutely not flexibility with appointment times too which was half the problem, sure if you arrive at 1:10 for you 4:50 appointment that's a problem but I originally got to the door at 1:17 for my 1:20 appointment and was told to leave? Every other HSE appointment I've went too are very flexible with it and just keep on going if it's about 30 mins either side.

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  • Wow, last time I was there it was queue in a car.

    I much prefer the queue/be tested in a car system. The queuing with possible hoards of positives around me doesn't sit well in my head!

    Yes, rocdoc are a private company. Sounds like they've turned greedy since they had about 4 booths for cars. Backfired greatly, but as usual, nothing being done, screwing the state without a question.