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NEW 2020 Assistant Principal Officer Competition



  • Hi Rainbowstar

    I was inter-d only for this one. Im delighted but also anxious, as I have only worked in my current dept and just finished a degree relevant to it. And the thought of going to AP level in a dept that I have no knowledge in is a bit scary.

  • Would anyone have any notes etc. for the competencies? There is a new AP internal competition out and I'm hoping to make my form look somewhat professional!

    Only an EO myself, albeit for three months but still eligible for it so I'm thinking why not? Have a decent amount of experience working in Customs.

  • I have an Assistant Principal Higher interview coming up. Interestingly, they sent me out the names of my interviewers, which is something I was never sent before an interview before. One of them I know as they were a friend of somebody close to me (albeit I haven't seen that person in c. 9 years). Do I just ignore this and show up, or what's the procedure?

    Also, would anybody have advice for this AP Higher interview? It will be almost an hour in length. Thanks.

  • It's on the person you know to mention to the board that they know you, during their evaluation of your interview. At the same time, I'd acknowledge them at the start of the interview rather than have them think you're blanking them or have forgotten who they are, if that makes sense? Just a friendly, "Ah, hi Bob, good to see you again/long time no see!" or something light like that.

    There's plenty of good advice in this thread on interviews. Basically have at least two good examples prepped for the competencies you're going to be questioned on. Ideally you'll have them in STAR format, but depending on how you're asked about them, you may need to adapt.

  • you're not related so there is no conflict of interest, just a nice hello

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