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Boards.ie Film Awards - 2019/20 - Results!


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    And the results are out! Our many thanks as always to Mr E for the poll, and of course to everyone who participated. Feel free to post your thoughts/comments below.

    Best Hollywood / Blockbuster Film
    Knives Out

    Best Indie / Arthouse Film
    Uncut Gems

    Best Foreign Language Film

    Best Dumb Fun
    Avengers: Endgame

    Best Actor
    Joaquin Phoenix - Joker

    Best Actress
    Ana DeArmas - Knives Out (tie)
    Cho Yeo-jeong - Parasite (tie)

    Best Director
    Bong Joon-ho - Parasite

    Best Newcomer (directing)
    Olivia Wilde - Booksmart

    Best Newcomer (acting)
    Julia Butters - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    Best Screenplay
    Knives Out

    Best Scene
    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - Visiting the Manson ranch

    Film with the Best Visuals
    Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood

    Best Soundtrack
    Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood

    Film that Deserved Better
    Knives Out

    Best Documentary Film
    Apollo 11 (tie)
    Diego Maradona (tie)

    Best Irish Film
    Extra Ordinary

    Best Animated Film
    Klaus (tie)
    Toy Story 4 (tie)

    To discuss etc, see thread in main forum


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