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Irish Movie Posters

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    Hi folks,

    So this is might be an odd one. I moved to New Jersey 4 months ago. In our home we have a nice basement which we turned into a bit of a 'cinema room'.
    As you come down the stairs you have to walk into the room and pass a long wall/corridor which would be an amazing spot for some movie posters (quite cliche I know).

    We're big movie fans, but also miss home a lot, so I thought it would be really nice to try and put some movie posters there but be very very Irish. Specifically Irish.

    Challenge - We have a border (classic dado rail) across the wall limiting the height so I think the posters need to be a max of 30 inches with other dimensions kept. I can buy standard movie posters online but trying to find a custom size of what I want seems incredibly challenging.

    I'm after:

    The Commitments
    The Snapper
    In Bruges
    That kinda thing (The Guard, Calvary, In the name of the Father, My Left Foot, etc etc)

    Anybody here able to help out with the rights/edit the size etc?

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