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  • It's from a briefing email sent around to all IHF members.

    IHF have said they are lobbying the Government for changes, but the restrictions remain the same for now.

    I know some venues are more relaxed about the restrictions - i.e. allowing DJ's and so on.

  • Our venue has been allowing music and dancing. I'm spooked now though that they might actually put no music or dancing at weddings into legislation. That would be a huge blow to us and a lot of other couples.

  • I don't think they would be put into legislation, they have only ever been guidelines the whole way through as far as I am aware. Some venues just haven't been strictly adhering to the guidelines, while others have been fearing repetitional damage should there be an outbreak associated with an event.

    If your venue has been allowing music and dancing up to this point I doubt they will go down the route of imposing greater restrictions at this late stage in the pandemic.

    Personally I feel they should just get it over with and officially allow live music at the very least.

  • On RTE news they said:

    "Minister Donnelly will now work to produce clarity around everything from indoor, outdoor, music or not, receptions numbers and so on, so that there's clarity before the 5th, and that will be in a regulation to ensure that it's law."

    So that implies that any decisions about music may go into the law this time instead of just guidelines. If that's the case, venues won't have any choice to no longer allow music, as they'd be breaking the law otherwise.

    Honestly though, if they're allowing weddings of 100 people, it would be madness not to allow music and dancing!

  • hopefully they will put some dates in place, even if its just indicative,

    i.e. if covid number peak and begin to decrease in August then we will allow live music/dancing from Sept 3rd, and if numbers continue to grow it will be October 1st, something like that...

    If they were able to put dates on the 50 and 100 guests increases then there's no reason they couldn't do something similar with the live music/dancing.

    At least then you can be like, okay my weeding is August 30th, I can now 100% cancel that booking and put the money into something else. Which would also allow the bands to look for other wedding work up North so they are not hit also...

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  • Has the increase in wedding numbers to 100 been officially announced? Simon Convey has mentioned it in an interview and Leo was on Newstalk speaking about it but has there been any public announcement?

  • Gone through cabinet afaik

    No major announcement due this time so no speech from Martin thankfully

  • Minister Coveney said the decision was made at Cabinet "in principle" and that Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly will now look at the detail.

    Speaking to RTÉ's News at One, he said: "Minister Donnelly will now work to produce clarity around everything from indoor, outdoor, music or not, receptions numbers and so on, so that there's clarity before the 5th, and that will be in a regulation to ensure that it's law.

  • So it has been decided, but the legislation hasn't updated yet to reflect this decision.

  • I would hope that they won't be singing into law restrictions on dancing / music and let it be a loose arrangement.

    Sure we had Tony Holohan on last night taking about how the excellent vaccine uptake will allow further restriction lifting.

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  • Thanks all for the replies. Any word on when this clarity will be announced?

    August 5th is only one week away

  • I would hope that they won't be singing into law restrictions on dancing / music and let it be a loose arrangement.

    Sorry, but that made me laugh....obviously i know its a typo and should be signing but under the topic of music, singing in the law would be hilarious 🤣

  • That's it I know what I'm doing for my wedding 😂

  • I wonder how the statement by Catherine Martin today effects the music question. She basically said, sit tight, we are not going to make any decision or give any clarity until the end of August at the earliest, we will figure something out then, probably.

    Seems to contradict Donnelly's statement about giving clarity before August 5th - or probably more to the point, lets the cat out of bag on what he is going to say about it - i.e. nothing will change until September at the earliest - we will decide then what we will let you do, probably.

  • We are less than a week out from the increase in numbers and still no clarity on live music, despite the Minister for Health stating that guidance would be provided. Deeply unsatisfactory.

  • I would honestly disagree. No clarity provides music for some. If legal clarity comes it's music for none.

  • The current advice is no live or loud music, which most venues are sticking by.

    I know it was mentioned earlier that there were concerns any new advice could be introduced by way of regulations, but to be honest there is little chance of that happening now. The Taoiseach is on the record as stating on multiple occasions that the Government has moved beyond dealing with the pandemic by way of statutory instruments - irrespective of what the Minister for Health stated.

  • There was a few people here who were due to get married in June and July, would love to hear how ye got on :)

  • ya, would be interesting to know if hotels allowing some 'spotify music + some dancing' is the norm or the exception!

  • It seems there be a plan in place by the end of August in relation to the return of live music. Sounds like this would include weddings, but would also go above and beyond that.

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  • Ya I mentioned that above, and how it seems to contradict Donnelly's message of clarity before August 5th. From what I can see the Music and live entertainment industry are pretty furious with that statement from Martin (see Nialler9's post and response to it). I'd say we will see some major pressure being applied now by those guys in the next week, maybe even get some of the higher profile Irish artists involved. Id be very surprised if government will get away with going to ground for a whole month at such a crucial time!

  • What time do people start their morning prep at?

    I've been advised to start at 7.30am. Working backwards, our ceremony is at 1.30pm, we'll probably allow an hour to travel to the venue to be on the safe side, we've been advised to have hair and makeup done an hour before leaving to allow extra time to get into the dress, take a few photos, final touchups etc, and hair takes on average 1hr/person (minimum call out of 4 people = 4hrs). So 4hrs + 1hr extra + 1hr travel = starting 6hours before the ceremony. I.e. 7.30am.

    To be honest, I was a little surprised at how long it all takes and how early we need to start. But I'm assuming this is normal, right!?

  • Yes I think that’s normal. I was told an hour per person. I’ve 3 including me so 3 hours, you definitely need the hour for getting dressed and photos.

  • ya, I know my partner is starting around then too (she has 3 bridesmaids). I think its pretty standard, in fact I would have said in your case, if you have to travel an hour to church, it might even be a little later than normal. Most brides, if getting married in home town have much shorter journey to make but would would still start getting ready around that time...

  • Thanks guys! I was a little surprised at how long it all takes, but talking to my friends too, it seems normal enough. The ceremony venue is probably only a 30-40 minute drive away realistically if there's no issues with traffic, but I'm just allowing extra time in my head atm for bad traffic etc (Dublin like, so unpredictable!).

    The reason I'm asking, is because my parents were giving me a hard time about it. I'm getting ready at my own house and my parents are about a 20minute drive away (my Dad will be driving my Mam). They're not impressed that they have to get up at the crack of down to shower and have my Mam at my house for a 7.30am start. I talked them through the logistics of how long it all takes. But my Mam was saying things like she's perfectly capable of doing her own makeup and that her hair will only take 5 minutes to style because it's short. And can they not start with everyone else and she comes later.

    But like ffs... can you not just suck it up for one day and show up at 7.30am!? You'd swear I was asking them to do something horrible. I know it's an early start, but it's my wedding day ffs. You'd think she'd excited to be involved in all the morning prep, not trying to get out of it and/or come later.

  • ah ya, thats poor form, I mean most people get up at that time every morning, not a big ask to do the same on your wedding day. I guess you could put her last in the list, then she doesn't have to show up until like 9 or 10 or something!?

  • Like others have said it is normal Woodchuck. Our ceremony is at 2pm and we have a 10am start and that's with us staying in the venue the night before and getting married there.

    I can't see my bridesmaid being there on time for hair and makeup, I can't even get her to talk to me about what dress to get. So the girls can do maybe my aunt or soon to be mil instead.

    Would that be an idea for you? If your mam doesn't want hair and makeup done maybe someone else could take her place with that?

  • The problem is, if there's 4 of us getting done in total, you need to start with 2 people (one for hair and one for makeup). So she'd still have to go second along with someone else! Best case scenario, she'd still need to arrive at 8.30am. But my hairdresser has advised that everyone is there for 7.30am. And I know she needs to "prep" my hair first and then come back to it later, so she might be ready for the next person sooner than expected. I just don't know why my parents are kicking up such a fuss for the possibly of an extra 30 minutes in bed.

    I've a friend who said she'd be more than happy to arrive at the house for 7.30am and take a free slot if it's available (she even offered to pay, but I wouldn't take her money). At this point I'm thinking it might just be easier just to talk to my Mam and tell her that I know she's not keen on getting it done and being here so early, and I can give her slot to someone else and she can just come much later in the morning.

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  • Slot your mother in for 8.30 is my suggestion, @woodchuck. Don't get into ins and outs with your mother of who is first or second or anything else. The hairdresser will probably start with you, at 7.30 to do whatever prep first and then move onto the others. And unless your mother needs or wants some elaborate styling, her hair and makeup won't take much time to do. The hairdressers and beauticians who do this kind of work have seen and heard it all before, so don't stress yourself. I would say quietly to them, that she will be there by 8.30. and leave it at that.

    Just my suggestion, fwiw.