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What's the advantage of a sniper rifle?

  • 17-02-2020 8:32pm
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    First off, I'm not here to troll.

    I'm wondering, because of Irelands one joule limit, what is the advantage of a sniper rifle (eg; M24) over a long gun, such as a CA4-A1 EC2 Carbine? Does the extra length of the sniper rifles barrel help the BB stay straight for longer? Or does it do anything?

    Have only casually played airsoft (mainly at Fingal Airsoft using rented guns with work people), I've seen a few lads on both teams with sniper rifles, but other than play style, not sure if they had an advantage?

    I'm hoping to get an airsoft gun at around spring, and because I like sniping (online, and in airsoft), I'd like to stick to that. But if a decent long gun on semi-auto allows me to perform the same as a sniper rifle, I'll probably go with that.


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    Honestly, in Ireland with the 1j limit I really don't see it as any advantage.

    In other jurisdictions, it can allow a trade off of range for power but here other than aesthetics I really don't see a huge benefit.

    I'd go with something more like a DMR setup for here.

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    Master of the Universe

    A bolt action springer is going to be quieter too. AEGs, even on semi, do make a bit of noise. So that can help with sniping.

    I prefer long rifles myself but tend to stick to AEGs for play as you really can just feel far too outgunned with a bolt action and everyone else shooting full auto at the same approx range.

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    There are a couple of benefits, some of which depend on the rifle manufacturer/model and some down to FPS although the latter I have only ever witnessed in countries that allow an FPS greater than 1j.

    There are - for want of recollection of the right term - "two-stage" hop up units available for some sniper rifles that allow for a greater control of BB flight-path, giving increased range when set up right but they are a pain in the ass to do so. Imagine a bell-curve, you're introducing that sort of flight-path arc rather than a straight foward descending arc, to try and explain it in simple terms. My other half would be much more able to explain given that she owns such a hop-up unit.

    As for joule limits; I've seen players take advantage of not having to observe min. engagement distances with 1j rifles as opposed to going all in at 500fps in the UK. Because of that, they can setup where next expected to be and I've witnessed other people trying their hand at sniper-craft being out-played by counter-snipers this way.

    But mostly, it's just down to asethetics and play-style.

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    Plenty of people mainly run bolt actions as their main gun it's gotten more popular since the like of novritsch started posting videos on YouTube a few years back ,
    Here the site's tend to be smaller which means you have to learn to be a sneaky **** as well as patience ,but if it's what you want to do pick up a cheap vsr or clone and start trying and improving your set ups ,

    I tried for a while wasn't for be but I do enjoy a good DMR platform ,have a look at a cyma M14 you get a long accurate rifle that can be upgraded , locked to semi auto bit still have the ability to put multiple bbs down range quickly and they can be found fairly cheap too

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    A bolty should be your fourth or fifth purchase, never your first.

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