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Total Recall 1990



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    pixelburp wrote: »
    Do stations still censor? I don't have a TV connection anymore, and last time I recall (see what I did there?) it was Sky sniping racier jokes from Simpsons episodes - or the occasional swear (such as the U2 episodes use of "w&nker"). Airline flights are the one situation you still get lame censoring on films for sure. Still as clunky and arbitrary as you can imagine, especially with cussin' . It's one reason why I tend not to bother watching anything on longer flights.

    Yeah, still happens. Typically because of the time of day it seems though. I was flicking through the higher-numbered stations a couple of days ago (Bored) and Sony channel had The Waterboy. Just at the bit where he pokes a guy in the eye. As it was coming up I thought "Surely not. Not at 2PM" and, sure enough, they cut away.

    C4 absolutely lays waste to TV shows during the day. How I Met You Mother is constantly on in the morning but a good 20% must be cut out. I mean, it's a win win for stations. They can show the programmes they want and heavily cut them, y'know, for the children (Won't someone think of the children) then they have a nice extra min or two to sell ads.

    As for TR. God, it hasn't aged well but it is still a fun guilty pleasure. Much more so than the "Remake". Ironically the remake was (very slightly) more true to the short story. But it was still tosh. (TBH, much of Philip K dick's short stories, like many Sci-Fi writers of the time, were more like episodes of The Twilight Zone and wouldn't hold up if faithfully adapted
    In the original short story the cops catch him and they basically say "OK, the problem is that your life was TOO boring so you were tempted to do this which resulted in discovering the memory block. How can we stop this happening again?" He says something like "Oh, when I was a kid I had this fantasy that I found some aliens and helped them fix their crashed ship. They were going to invade and destroy earth but said they wouldn't while I was alive 'cos I helped them. Can you put that in?" As they were implanting the memory they discovered it was actually there and real. Mike Drop!