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Mishap at the Scottish Championship 2019

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    I can't remember seeing this discussed here--maybe it's something everyone heard of but me--but the prizegiving at the most recent Scottish Championship seems to have been unusually dramatic.

    The Championship is an Open event, with the highest placed Scottish player becoming Scottish champion, where "Scottish" is defined as born or (more or less) resident in Scotland, and in addition (since 2016) being SCO-registered with FIDE.

    So Colin McNab, being the highest placed eligible Scottish player, agreed a quick draw in the last round, and thought he had won the title. The first he knew otherwise was when the trophy was instead awarded to Matthew Turner. Must have been interesting!

    A motion (by Turner) passed at the following AGM, declaring that "exceptionally" the title for 2019 would be shared. An unusual aspect of this is that Turner and McNab finished on 7/9 and 6.5/9 respectively.

    The confusion seems to have arisen after a motion was passed at the 2016 AGM changing the eligibility rules, and different people drew widely varying conclusions on what had been agreed and what the new rule was. All not helped by the relevant documents not being updated on the website (for years), until the confusion came to light at the moment of maximum drama.