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Outriders (PS5, PS4, PC XBOX One, Xbox Series X)



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    I've been playing on current tier for me which is 6, much better drops but have been lowering it to avoid frustration. Hadn't a hope against the volcano boss at t6 and level 11 even with highest level gear available so dropped it to 3 and then 1 :pac:

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    i finished the campaign the other night i thought it was fairly cool story wise, for what it was. Enjoyed it did all the side quests was about 58 hours played by then. Anyway i didnt get all the hate about this game till i tried grouping the other night and well its just borked laggy glitchy what a mess. Had and have zero issues solo tho. but no way for me to get a gold rank in the end game mode solo.

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    The end game is doable solo but the higher you go the more care you have to pay to keeping your gear at the current level and it also gets more and more frustrating rather than fun imho. I went into it on each of my chars around CT8 (I think that's just what WT15 puts you into). On each it started to become a challenge around 11 and by 12 it was making sure I was at that max gear level before moving up. I'm now at CT14 and since 12 consistently breeze the main expedition and then either get directly one-shotted or effectively so (where from full health and on a murder spree I get knocked to near zero in a split second, and immediately clubbed in the back of the head by something else) at the boss stage. Add to that not only does playing co-op give the usual advantage of being revivable by team mates but you have a self-revive in include that in a co-op session and not solo, forcing you right back to the start because of a cheap full-health to dead in less than a second common occurrance is ridiculous. I play a few hours every few nights and then each time end without having actually had much fun, the frustration in how I fail one is just overriding the times I win. I love a challenge but it has to be enjoyable.

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    Endgame CT15 is actually too easy when you have a good build and gear, make sure you have plenty of damage mods but also atleast 1 defensive mod preferably 2.
    Also make sure your gear attributes are in line with your build, ie weapon damage build should have gear with maxed out firepower along with long range/short damage or cooldown reduction in place of long range if using a shotgun or whatever.
    Spend resources to level up each attribute on each gear piece and you will turn into an invincible machine, i never die running CT15 on either my techno or pyro who are both well geared up.
    Watch out for god rolled green and blue pieces of gear they could be perfect for your build and once levelled up via crafting will be god rolls.

    Worth mentioning the game is well tuned as your progressing towards CT15 with a good balance of difficulty then as i said above once you really get on top of your gear and build its a cake walk atleast on PC which brings me to my next point.
    For difficulty comparison i plugged in my controller for some CT15 runs and it was so much harder on controller than mouse
    & Keyboard.
    You really need to hit consistent head shots for crit shots which then activates some of your damage mods, this is where there is a a large discrepancy between console and PC.

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    Well like any of these endgame is about min-max, but for folks trying to get to the point where that is a viable choice it can be a slog. Usually i enjoy this part of these games, I don't follow build guides other than checking them every few weeks or after absences to see what's changed. I like putting solutions together and have put in plenty of time on other similar games doing so I just find the activities I'm doing to gain the loot to build and build-for here get less ejoyable as they increase in CT. Not that it's too hard, but literally 3/4 deaths I just feel were really cheap, the other 1/4 it's fair deal and I can improve on the next run but for the last few where I moved up a tier the only real difference was luck imho and that is not a good mechanic. Easy Easy Easy...dead in a second....and now back for another 10 minutes of Easy Easy Easy before the actual challenge begins, and I hate pointless repetition in games. If I was playing co-op it would be easier to get to CT15 gear level and more importantly not have that frustration of a one-hit destroying all progress, but then I'd be relying on other folks and an extra-life self-revive that isn't present in solo. It needs the same self-revive you have in co-op, even with a time penalty if used, otherwise it's just disrespecting solo player's time.

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    Really enjoying co-oping the game with a friend but 70 bucks for a game thats loads up less than half the time is insane. Should have been fixed by now.

    On lighter news I god rolled a 374FP Hellraser AR so I'm all set for late game.

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    I've had none of those problems, even matchmaking with crossplay enabled has been grand. Playing on Series X.

    I did get a bit worried when I join a game missing my gear last night but it eventually loaded after 10 seconds or so and that was the only time I've seen that happen.

    I'm loving the loot system, upgrades are reasonably cheap compared to to other games and the game seems to want you to be constantly breaking stuff down for better mods etc. The cool thing is once you get the mod thats it. You can use it on anything you like pretty much from then on. Some gear gives you a not so subtle hint of what might be cool like a single round rifle that has a mod that instantly reloads if you get a kill with less than 35% ammo in the mag, wich is absolutely great for taking out the trash that comes running at you.

    No cost to respec is another thing I love and you can do that any time you like no need to go back to a hub or something.

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    Am I missing a trick with the
    Shaman Warlord
    late game???

    Even on lower WT he's an absolute tank or does he just have a crazy amount of health compared to everything else :confused:

    I tried shooting the orbs but that doesn't seem to have any effect on him.

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    Joshua J wrote: »
    Really enjoying co-oping the game with a friend but 70 bucks for a game thats loads up less than half the time is insane. Should have been fixed by now.

    On lighter news I god rolled a 374FP Hellraser AR so I'm all set for late game.

    .....annnnnnnddddd my god roll Hellrazer has disappeared. Not all the other scrap guns, nope still got them. Just the one I really wanted gets wiped. Still takes about 5 goes to load in too. Sigh.

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    Am I missing a trick with the
    Shaman Warlord
    late game???

    Even on lower WT he's an absolute tank or does he just have a crazy amount of health compared to everything else :confused:

    He is a major pain, it doesn't help that his lightning attack goes through walls/cover aswell. What I've found works is to focus on the adds , dodging him as much as possible. When the floor is free of other distractions then kite and whittle him down. The invuln stages will make it a bit of a slog but with patience you can learn to dodge his main attacks easily enough and take him down.

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    Yeah I ran out of patience and dropped it to WT1 from 12 just to get it over with, the final boss got the same treatment.

    Now on to expeditions. Put me at CT4 ffs which gives level 35 loot I was getting level 39 on WT 12 in the main game. Played a few games and it's not really for me. It's basically horde mode in motion.

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    I'm close to finishing out the campaign again on my Devastator and have had a fair bit of trouble adjusting after having bullet-skills to rely on with the others, it's gotten better now towards the end of the skill tree with that 70% dmg boost up top but earlier it was painful. What I've found very effective against bosses is a weapon with Shadow Comet (comes on one of the legendaries so not so easy to get but I had it from another character). It has decent enough AOE damage but what it doesn't mention in the description is it is an Interrupt talent, it will stagger almost all captains and non-major bosses interrupting their casting most of the time aswell. I paired it with Death Chains on a normal LMG for some decent DoT aswell. Less burst damage than the typical Tactical-AR with Killing-Spree and Bone-Splinter but it's not reliant on existing kills 'charging' it up, can 2-shot snipers from across the map and then just semi-stun-lock and wear down captains. So for add hordes I do the AR, for bosses and more tactical maps it's that LMG combo. It has made the game with this class an awful lot easier.

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    Fired this up on game pass last night for about 90mins . I think it's great really sucked me in so far!? Game world sounds unreal on head phones, looks fantastic ,score is catchy , game world is cool , it's just goofy fun , the gun play feels so good & the story is interesting enough .

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    Pretty hefty patch out today (no gear wipe restoration, they've left that too long now imho regardless)

    Resolutions that apply specifically to the PC experience
    The available FOV for configuration has been increased from 90 to 130.
    Fixed an issue whereby old crash dumps were not being properly cleared from the player’s system.
    Note: These are the 300MB files that were previously left behind.

    Added support for rebinding the Fn; Delete; End; PageDown; Insert Home; PageUp; Print Screen; Scroll Lock; CapsLock; keys
    Remapped buttons should now display correctly in menus and dialogues.
    Fixed an issue that could cause the game to lock the player to 60FPS until the player opened the menu.
    Fixed a bug whereby cutscenes would lock to 60FPS, even if the player had selected a higher framerate.
    Other improvements to FPS
    Added support for the Steam Controller.
    Fixed an issue whereby the intro cutscene would stutter when Ansel was enabled.
    Fixed a stuttering issue with the intro cutscene when the game was launched on a secondary monitor that has a lower resolution than the primary monitor.
    Fixed a crash that could occur if Razer Synapse is installed on the system
    Fixed an issue that was causing the Razer Chroma Cinematic Ambient Awareness to not work after switching monitors.
    Improved functionality of Razer Chroma effects.
    Fixed a bug that would cause players to get locked in the Emotes UI if the controls for the Emotes wheel is assigned to the mouse buttons.
    Fixed an issue that caused the HUD to disappear after capturing the area during the Prologue.
    Fixed an issue whereby the controller layout screen was not displaying the correct connected controller.
    Fixed an issue that caused multiple web browser tabs to open when logging into the Epic Games Store.

    General Resolutions and Changes
    Fixed a large number of crashes throughout the game.
    Resolved an issue that could cause players to get stuck on the “Sign In” screen.
    Fixed several lighting, shadow, and reflection issues within levels and cutscenes.
    General level improvements including fixing collision, textures, LOD, OOW visibility, and grounded various floating assets. Also resolved a number of situations where the player could get stuck in the game world.
    Numerous cover fixes for specific locations, including character alignment, cover-to-cover transition, and blind fire.
    Camera movement has been improved during various cutscenes when smoothing is enabled.
    Improved visibility of the crosshair.
    Improved visibility of tutorial popup notifications.
    Sidequest icons will now no longer persist on the map after completion.
    The crosshair will no longer disappear when looking at allies.
    Fixed edge case progression blockers and objective issues in numerous main and side quests.
    Fixed an edge case issue whereby swapping characters could lead to a loss of the player inventory.
    [REBALANCE] The Over levelling System/Scaling Multipliers have been adjusted
    The system will activate one level later, when your average gear level is a minimum of 3 Levels higher than the enemies you’re facing [Previous: 2]
    Outgoing damage will now be reduced less
    Improvements made to Incoming damage scale, meaning players will feel more powerful without completely eliminating the threat of enemy NPCs
    Conditions that will trigger the system have been cleaned up, which will eliminate unintuitive behaviour such as damage increases when using low level weapons
    Overall code optimizations made
    Multiplayer Resolutions & Changes
    The default background matchmaking setting has been changed to Closed [Previously: Open]. This change can still be reverted manually in your settings.
    Fixed a bug that could prevent clients from joining the host.
    Resolved performance issues that appeared right after loading into a co-op game.
    Improved the loading time for players gear when joining a co-op session.
    Fixed a bug whereby a client could load into a corrupted lobby if the host lost internet connection whilst loading into a game.
    Fixed an issue where the host would be unable to select a story point that other clients had not unlocked.
    A notification will now also be displayed to the host warning them that the clients may not have unlocked that part of the story.
    Clients will now properly receive the “story mismatch prompt” when joining a host.
    Fixed a bug whereby a player with a complete story line was unable to join Expeditions if a story point before the end game had been selected.
    Fixed an issue whereby client characters might not properly spawn when retrying Expeditions.
    Fixed a number of bugs that could cause Issues or errors to appear following a host migration.
    Fixed a bug that would cause players attempting to join each other’s session to get stuck on the “Waiting to join session” screen.
    Fixed a bug whereby trucks were no longer visible for clients when joining a host in the Quarry.
    Fixed a bug whereby the boss in the Eye Of The Storm expeditions could appear duplicated for clients during cutscenes.
    Fixed a bug that could cause the client’s map to fail to update after joining a map where the Host was standing near a flag.
    Fixed a bug in the Dying Wish sidequest where the host could get stuck in the quest area if the client disconnected.
    Fixed an issue where audio can disappear if host migration occurs during a cutscene.

    Gear, Skills & Mods Resolutions
    [REBALANCE] Cost of improving Rare to Epic and levelling up Epic gear from levels 1 to 30 have been lowered.
    This will make improving items cheaper in the early game
    Fixed a bug where a skill damage improvement mod on gear with a higher level than the player would actually reduce damage when used at lower World Tiers.
    Fixed a bug that caused the UI to display a 0 in the preview when upgrading the Hell’s Rangers weapons.

    Fixed a bug that caused the Trickster’s “Hunt the Prey” skill to not teleport but still go into cooldown
    Resolved instances where Hunt The Prey could be used to teleport to unintended locations
    Fixed a bug that caused the Trickster’s “Venator’s Knife” mark to vanish after casting Hunt The Prey skill on the marked enemy
    Fixed a bug whereby the Move Groove mod’s Anomaly and Firepower buff icons did not appear correctly on the HUD.

    Fixed a bug that was preventing the Pyromancer’s Feed The Flame skill from applying the Ash status effect to Screechers.
    Fixed a bug whereby the Pyromancer’s Phoenix Nestling skill occasionally granted the player the incorrect HP in multiplayer. It now grants the correct 50% HP.
    Fixed a bug that was causing Pyromancers to exit cover after using the Thermal Bomb skill.
    Fixed a bug that could cause the Pyromancers Boots of the Lava Lich Legendary gear item to not include the appropriate mods

    Fixed a bug that caused the Perseverance mod’s damage reduction buff to not correctly end after the Golem effect wore off.
    Fixed a bug with the Devastators Extra Quake mod, which sometimes provided more than 1 extra skill activation at the end of fights.
    Fixed a bug that caused Lurkers affected by the Endless Mass skill to reappear on top of the player if you walked under them.
    Fixed a crash that could occur if you Boulderdashed into a wall.
    Fixed instances of Gravity Leap causing players to get stuck in unintended places.
    Resolved instances where Boulderdash could be used to reach unintended locations

    [REBALANCE] The Minigun mod “Massacre”, which was changed in the previous patch has had its duration reverted to its original value, but will now only stack up to 6 times.
    Fixed a bug whereby the Toxic Lead armour mod was not triggering properly if an enemy was killed via a skill.
    Fixed a bug where Technomancers would be stuck on their main weapon if they used Tools of Destruction and Pain Launcher at the same time.
    Fixed a bug with Tools of Destruction where melee or further skill use was prevented if the skill was interrupted by using the mouse wheel.
    Fixed a bug whereby The Perpetuum Mobile weapon mod was also replenishing the Technomancer’s Tools of Destruction Minigun ammo.
    Fixed a bug that allowed the Technomancer’s Turrets to be placed on vertical surfaces.
    Fixed a bug that could cause the AI to ignore Technomancers if a turret had been spawned before the AI spawned.
    Fixed the set description of the Borealis Monarch set [English Language].

    Skills can now be properly cast when using the targeting feature after changing the keybinding.
    Improved the visual indicator for throwables.

    Gear & Mods
    Fixed a mod that caused the Anomaly Surge Tier 1 mod to not proc as expected
    Fixed a bug that caused Legendary set bonuses to not show correct items being active in the armour details.
    Fixed a bug that caused bright lights to appear on the screen when using the Storm whip mod.
    Minor visual fixes to female gloves.
    Fixed a bug that was causing the certain mods to not properly trigger their On Shot/On Critical Shot effects if said shot was a killing shot

    Enemy, Boss and NPC related Resolutions
    [REBALANCE] AI snipers now give players more time to dodge their shots.
    [REBALANCE] Reduced the amount of knockback from creatures in the Stargrave expedition.
    There is now also a greater delay between spawns and a reduced number of the offending creatures.

    Molten Acari
    Fixed a bug whereby The Molten Acari’s jump attack was still damaging players who successfully dodged its AOE. Players successfully dodging the AoE will now no longer be damaged.
    Fixed a bug that allowed Devastators to permanently stun the Molten Acari by using the Endless Mass skill without any cooldown.
    Fixed a bug that caused the Molten Acari boss fight to pause for around 1-2 minutes if one of the clients disconnected right before dealing the finishing blow on stage 1 and transitioning to stage 2.

    Debuff icons applied to the Chrysaloid boss will now remain in between phases.
    Fixed an issue where the Chrysaloid boss fight does not progress if the player kills the boss during the black screen between phases.

    Fixed a bug that could give Devastators unlimited healing when using the Impale Skill during the Yagak fight.

    Fixed a bug that prevented the Brood Mother from dealing damage to the player with melee attacks while standing on an elevated platform located on the left side on the encounter area at the Outpost Gate area in the Quarry.
    Fixed a bug whereby the Crawler ranged attack was damaging players beyond the attack range indicated by the UI.
    Strix are now better able to cope with players standing too close to a wall.
    Fixes to AI, including berserker pathing optimisation, skill usage, as well as reacting to and properly attacking players.
    Health bars for enemy skills such as Anomaly Rifts are now correctly hidden if the Enemy Health Bar Mode is set to “Hide” in options.
    Animations for enemies have been fixed in certain situations, particularly when in cover and recovering from knockdowns.
    Fixed a bug that caused the VFX for the Weightlessness Mod to now work as intended with Crawlers.
    Resolved issues that caused the game to become unresponsive when interacting with NPCs, particularly when using skills or changing input methods.
    Fixed a crash that could occur during the enemy spawn in the first arena of the Chem Plant expedition.
    Fixed a rare bug whereby players were unable to properly sell items to the vendors.
    Fixed an issue whereby the cursor would turn invisible during dialogue with NPCs.
    Fixed NPCs T-posing in certain situations.
    Quest & Expedition specific Resolutions
    Fixed a bug that caused the stash to lock if the player died in the Bad Day side quest.
    Fixed a bug that prevented the Bigjaw monster hunt sidequest from being completed if the player died during it.
    The navigation line during the Relics main quest has been fixed.
    Fixed a bug that made the Historian quest in Deadrock Pass inaccessible if players initiated combat after triggering the exit prompt.
    Fixed a bug in the Sacrifice main quest that prevented progress by not updating the objective correctly.
    Fixed a bug that allowed players to charge the obelisk before the appropriate cutscene had been completed.
    Fixed a bug that could cause Story achievements to not unlock correctly when their criteria was met.
    Audio and Dialogue Resolutions
    Miscellaneous subtitle fixes to bring them in line with the VO in terms of content and synchronisation.
    Fixed Audio clipping that occurred in some cutscenes.
    The SFX volume for Yagak’s abilities have been adjusted.
    Fixed a bug that could cause the battle music track to not end after combat.
    Fixed a bug that could cause the battle music to be active for players who were nowhere near combat.
    Menu music now stops when viewing the credits.
    Credits music no longer plays if music volume is set to 0 in the audio settings.
    Fixed an issue whereby a Male character would have female VO in the forest when playing in Polish.
    Other audio fixes and improvements
    Other changes and minor Bug Resolutions
    Added protection for when claiming items from the inbox when the stash and inventory are full.
    A co-op exploit where multiple Legendary rewards could be obtained from the Historian / Bounty / Monster Hunt questlines has been fixed.
    Fixed a bug that could prevent the player from claiming the World Tier 10 weapon reward.
    Fixed a bug that caused the HUD to appear when players were only 80% loaded into levels.
    Increased the framerate of the video clips on the class selection screen.
    Text corrections in the Journal and tutorial screens, as well miscellaneous localisation issues.
    Fixed a bug that was causing incorrect colour schemes to appear for the banner and truck customisation
    Fixed a bug that could prevent movement after exiting dialogue sequences.
    Fixed a bug that could prevent the inventory from opening if the Inventory Button was spammed
    Additional backend fixes.

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    _CreeD_ wrote: »
    Pretty hefty patch out today (no gear wipe restoration, they've left that too long now imho regardless)

    Just on this, their reddit post goes into it a bit at the start.
    As you will know, we’ve been spending a lot of time on our Character and Inventory restorations process. It has been hard to provide an exact date on its go live date so far, mainly because it has hovered on the very threshold of releasing for some time, but a small number of edge cases have forced us to reiterate and retest the process several times over. The greatest difficulty we’re facing in particular relates to giving characters the correct item levels, as item levels are calculated using three different variables: Character level, highest unlocked World Tier and highest completed Challenge Tier. The complexity of these three variables together on individual affected characters is taking some time for us to get right. Our tests indicate that restoring higher level gear than they should have leads to further character corruption, so we are not able to issue a blanket one size fits all solution here.

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    The thing is there are essentially 2 types of players after they had their inventory wiped - Those that said screw it and they wouldn't play again until it was fixed and those who kept going. The former most likely after all these weeks either got a refund or moved on to something else, I imagine the experience and the delay means very few will return to collect that gear and pick up where they left off. The latter will already have gained enough loot since, likely at a higher level, that it is irrelevant. That problem and it's fix had a shelf-life and they are WAY past it, any resolution now is little more than token service imho.

    Also the patch introduced damage-reduction scaling issues, they're working on another fix but for now enemies are hitting harder with physical damage.

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    I hate to say it but 1 month on and the game is still not in a great state and it seems destined to go down a similar route to Anthem.
    Every patch seems to be one step forward and two steps back.
    Ive put in 105 hours got 3 character fully decked out in very good gear and builds and CT 15 is a total breeze ,so ive got my moneys worth but i wanted this game to be my go to looter game with interesting loot etc to keep me coming back but there are a few reasons why im not so sure.

    Legendaries are largely useless as they roll with poor stats and these stats are set in stone which is beyond silly.
    I have every legendary in the game now bar one which eludes me and none offer stats anywhere near good enough for endgame, i just salvaged them to get the mods i didnt have so basically Legendaries = mods
    The so called set bonuses in these legendaries again are pathetic, a single tier 2 or tier 3 damage mod are often 20x times stronger than a set bonus is shocking.

    Apart from that the loot system is pretty good tones of mods and then epic gear which does roll with random attributes so the quest for god rolls is genuine.

    However my biggest issue with the game is much like why Anthem failed miserably is endgame is very shallow.
    Expeditions is the only endgame and with just 14 of them that again are set in stone become incredibly boring very quickly.
    Running one takes 10-15 minutes with the exact same enemies in the exact same positions same numbers same movement etc etc you get the point.
    They need something like warframe,diablo,wolcen,poe,grim dawn to name a few that being randomly generated locations and enemies for the endgame activities.

    Another fatal design flaw is the game world becomes redundant once you get to endgame because expeditions give much higher level gear than you can get out in the world because the world is locked to WT [world tier]
    Keep in mind WT 15 gear is several levels lower than even CT1 [CT is expeditions]
    So why would you even bother doing the side quests that will only give you world tier level gear gear several levels below what you can get in CT1 not to mention CT15?
    So its not as if one can log in for a game and decide to look for loot elsewhere outside of these boring expeditions,remember this is a looter game first and foremost you play to get better loot.
    Here again its a really odd move from the devs effectively making the game world they put many hours into redundant.

    Just like Anthem the gameplay is excellent, infact Anthems combat and gameplay is better than Outriders.
    But that is not enough for a looter game sadly.

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    i just enjoy playing with cheats on.... and i can still play multiplayer :pac:

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,305 ✭✭✭Joshua J

    This guy has provided a fantastic resource for working out if that Epic drop is actually any good. Link to spreadsheet in "show more" area.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,154 ✭✭✭brady12

    Making slow and steady progress on outriders on game pass . Playing the wreckage zone mission searching for Seth . Couldn't activate any fast travel locations through out mission and now I seem found a game breaking glitch it won't let me progress after finding Seth 🀬🀬🀬

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    Before I got fed up I was doing ok on my own end game, there is so much stuff that gives health regen that you can stack, so as long as I was shooting I was winning but that came at a price the higher up the tiers you went the more the enemies felt like bullet sponges. I was still getting put into games with people running story when I was at end game some of the time even though I explicitly searched expeditions. Same as with games like Borderlands I hit the wall where I said to myself why am I doing this ? Playing the same content to grind for gear to make playing the same content easier. And thats the problem with some of these games the grind is to nothing when you step back and think about it objectively.

  • Registered Users Posts: 20,558 ✭✭✭✭dreamers75

    Ahh to be enjoying that game again, its an excellent game imo. Good difficulty, good build variance, generally had a good time with it.

    The game is a 3rd person loot shooter with coop, I got exactly that from it. Its not live service and there is a point where you have had enough and move on to the next game in your pile.

    Would like more missions in a DLC with new objectives but thats unlikely to happen if sales are to be believed.

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