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Skiing in Spain... any advice?

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    Was hoping to go for short (3 nights) cheap ski trip to Spain in late February or March. Thinking of flying in to Barcelona, driving north to Pyrenees. That's the plan so far. Would need a resort with equipment hire, beginners lessons, not interested in apres ski. Anyone with any recommendations? Never been skiing before so any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    I looked into it recently as thought it would be different to the alps. I was looking at carcassone, Toulouse, Bilbao and biarritz. Didn't think of Barcelona. Haven't made it out yet but hope to. Sounds like there's an interesting cultural difference from the alps and a lot of spa towns.

    There's a website called j2ski which allows you to sort resorts by their distance from a given airport but it doesn't seem to have Spain or I can't find it on the phone.

    Hopefully someone will be along with a recommendation. If not you would be advised to do some online research as to which resort would be better for beginners. If no one gives you tips here this thread on snow heads has a lot of people who ski in the Pyrenees so maybe ask there and tell them what you're looking for?


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    I like the idea of skiing in Spain, always love the country in general to be honest. Food should be good, people are lovely. Baqueira beret seemed like the best option for us, but ultimately we ruled it out because it didn't sound like it had much apres ski at all. Also, it seems for a proper village you're going a few km down the road. A few people said that the ski village shuts down at about 6 or 7.


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