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FUE Hair Transplant



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    I've posted on here before about Ailesbury as I had a consultation there,the only clinic I've ever heard of world wide who actively discourages the use of finesteride,major red flag there.Also they could show me a grand total of one result from a previous patient, Mickley mouse stuff.They also quoted in hairs not grafts which is an inaccurate method and is disingenuous.

    Whether to go on medication or not is a personal choice but if as you say the hair is continuing to fall out you need to start thinking about it.The hair will continue to fall out otherwise and once it's gone nothing will bring it back.Herbal DhT blockers will not work to any great extent if at all.

    Anything I've heard about Dr Nel has been positive in the way he goes about things and if I was forced to do it in ireland I'd go to him.The fact that he also practices FUT is another good sign,most of the hair mills in Turkey for example wouldn't be able to and don't offer it.However he's a nobody in the HT world and you can get well renowned internationally recognised surgeons for the same or less than he's charging.Thats what I did and that's what I'd be doing again if I had to.

    To sum up,

    Only real Option in ireland is Dr Nel (we're obviously writing off Blackrock here)

    If you're investing that much consider more established names abroad.

    Hope this helps,the HT world is an absolute minefield.

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    €5,500 for 6,000 "hairs" is extremely cheap for Ireland and I would be asking a lot of questions about how the procedure is performed. Also the fact that they've quoted you for "hairs" rather than "grafts" is odd. As far as I'm aware it's not possible to know how many hairs a specified number of grafts will yield until after the surgery has been performed, although I suppose rough estimates are possible.

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    I'm thinking of starting a 6 month trial of minoxidil to see how I get on. Hair loss starting to creep in on the front of my hair line.

    Recommended a source please ? I see Boots has it but I reckon i can get it cheaper elsewhere ?

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  • Registered Users Posts: 915 ✭✭✭ suave.4u

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,600 ✭✭✭ mondeo

    I'll give it a go and see if it actually does anything.

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    Hi everyone.

    I had a consultation with Dr. Nel there two weeks ago and I was satisfied with the consultation. I received the report today. Very professional and had a bit of reading to do for homework about everything. I still haven't really made a decision on what to do. I want a transplant because losing my hair is knocking my confidence and myself in general.

    He spoke about the tablets to take to keep what I have and thicken it: minoxidil and finasteride and Nizoral and the dermaroller.

    My procedure would be quiet expensive 4,000 @ €20,000 for the procedure (back of head and beard). Not shaving top of my head at all. While I am taken aback by the price I am happier than the previous consolation of €5,500 in another restoration clinic where I was not one but satisfied with the consultation.

    Any advice? I know if it start taking the tablets I will be taking for life to keep what I have. I want the transplant to restore what was lost and bring back my confidence. Do the tables work? I am reading all the comments here and 99% of them say they do. So I m leaning towards start taking these and then getting the transplant next summer.

    Also, the report says "For FUT strip surgery harvest you have to do scalp laxity exercises for 5 min twice daily starting at least 4 weeks before your surgery date and continue until the day before your surgery." What does this mean? This was not discussed at my consultation?

    Dr. Tunde walked me through the side-effects of the tablets - have any of you had any major ones and should I be worried about taking them and suffering from side effects?

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    Prices seem to have gone up. Last I heard was Eur 4 for graft. Inflation maybe :)

    Start with Fin and Min is the general consensus

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    I take finasteride since my transplant two years ago. No side effects and my hair line is looking good.

    Have to say, that price is mental. 10 times what I paid, granted it's 2000 more grafts mind.

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    Not sure if anyone here got the mail from Dr Nel about the Proscar shortage? I'm about to run out, has anyone found a reliable provider possibly online?

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    I never got that mail unfortunately. Was a reason given for the shortage? Or an indication when it'll be in stock again?

    I wouldn't know an online supplier other than webdoctor, which I know doesn't provide the best stuff apparently. Might be worth asking Dr Nel directly.

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    Haven't used them, but available I guess:

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    Never heard of this guy but fair play to him.

    However a lot wrong in this article,it says you have two choices if going bald,leave it or transplant, that's not accurate,meds can be enough for some.

    Also says he did a lot of research and decided Istanbul was the place to go,again not true.Turkey has by far the most hair clinics in the world but there's only 3 out if the whole lot I'd consider going to.He says he went to one of the more expensive ones so either Dr Pekiner or HLC (good choice) Dr Bicer(OK choice) or Hair Of Istanbul (less good choice)

    Good to see this being discussed all the same.

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    Realistically Dr Demisroy,Dr Pekineer and HLC.

    Dr Bicer or Dr Gur at an absolute stretch.

    That's it out if the 100s in Turkey.

    Turkey wouldn't be in my top 10 countries to go to for a HT.They have by far the most amount of clinics but very few top level surgeons.

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    In the world or in Turkey?

    Turkey I'd say Pekineer or Demisroy but there are better in Europe.

    In the world I don't know but Hasson and Wong in Canada are often mentioned as the best.

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    As mentioned Hasson and Wong in Toronto are often talked about as being the best but its subjective.When you are at that level it's a matter of opinion and taste and there's not much between the really top tier surgeons.

    For example you can get (arguable) the same skill level,understanding and artistry from other top surgeons in Europe for less than or in and around €5 per graft.

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    Looks like we'll need to move to Propecia as apparently Proscar is still a no-show in pharmacies?

    Anyone tried to pick up some?

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    Yes, I got the 2.5 mg version this week.

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    Apparently Proscar 5mg is back... though I picked up a box of 1 month 1mg Propecia while in Spain last week for around €45 just in case. No prescription needed. Handy to know in case anyone heading down there.

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    Interested in getting a prescription for low dose oral minoxidil. Reason being it seems from recent data to have reasonable evidence indicating it's effective and with one pill a day and no need for topical application, it seems to be the sweet spot that would work for me - i.e. I could take it along with vitamins in the morning...just not confidence I'd stick to the practice of applying topical lotions.

    Haven't ruled out a transplant but with a very busy job and family life haven't really considered it as I have a perception that it'd require a few weeks out of pocket and I just don't have that time. Rang Dr. Nel's office to book an appointment to get full appointment is March 2023.

    So I wanted to check what the other avenues for getting an oral minoxidil prescription might be - anyone have any joy with local GP or other routes (e.g. other hair transplant doctors that might have earlier availability)?

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    Hi mate, did you end up getting your HT and from where?

    Trying to sort my own one out now, thanks!

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    I'd recommend asking your GP. Oral Minoxidil or Loniten as the oral version is known, is also used to lower blood pressure so it would be important for your GP to be involved in the decision making process.

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    Has anyone got oral min any other way than going to a GP? Would a phone call suffice via VHI?