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FUE Hair Transplant



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    Yes,no probs,have mentioned before with pics (but probably a good but back the thread)

    Dr Bisanga, he's based in Brussels but I had ht with him in Athens.

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    Ah one of the best according to the different forums.

    I actually emailed for a quote bit didnt here back yet.

    Ferreira in Porto is booked for over a year for consultations! On waiting list for that.

    It's so much money I obviously need it to be worth it of I go ahead.

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    Surprised he didn't get back,he has a good team doing admin and follow ups etc.I know he's very busy at the moment like all the top surgeons with 2 years of candidates all trying to get in at the same time.

    Dr Ferreiro has become very popular in the last couple of years,I understand he doesn't have a good system in place yet to deal with the numbers (from a few of his patients looking to go back for 2nd)

    If you're on the forums and having a proper read through you're on the right track.There are other surgeons in or around the same price who would be near enough the same level, maybe not as well known.Check out Dr Bicer for example.

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    Had a hair consultation with Dr Nel today. Now I'd say 90% of the time I was with Dr. Tunde Tarjanyi. She was excellent to be fair. Covered a lot.

    The whole thing is well worth the money for a prescription and to get some answers about everything ht related, especially fin.

    The suggested hairline seemed appropriate.

    Gonna start on fin and everything else suggested there, see if any reactions and start planning the next move from there.

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    Were they kind of pushing for you to get a transplant? ($$$)

    Did they give you anything else other than Finasteride? For how many months is your prescription? Did they give you a date for a followup consultation? Thanks

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    My experience with Dr Nel was that he didn't push for getting a transplant, said it was entirely up to me, and when I suggested I first wanted to try taking Finasteride for a year to see how it goes he said that was a good idea.

    The only follow up consultation you need is to get your prescription renewed, at which point he checks your hair progress and blood pressure etc.

    Ultimately it was a good idea for me to try the finasteride for a year, as I was able to see what side effects might happen, before committing to any surgery. Because if I had gotten surgery and then it turned out I couldn't handle Finasteride, then all the remaining hair would have fallen out around the implants.

    On my followup visit (€60) to get the prescription renewed he observed how my density had increased since I had started Finasteride and showed me the photos he took before and compared to a photo today.

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    Please advise :) From reading the forums, it seems that only Finasteride works reliably to stop the MPB from progressing. Is that correct? If so, could you please recommend me the clinic in Dublin that would prescribe Finasteride for me and would have follow ups to observe if it works correctly before the possible transplants can be considered? Thanks!

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    Yea a prescription for Lonitin I think its called. Basically Oral minoxadil. My choice over the foam. That's to improve your current hair. Advised would take a couple of months of use before you see progress.

    Didn't push anything. Pretty matter of fact/ to the point from Nel as Tarjanyi had done all the education part and explained what work to do with what I have before going further. Mostly focused on fin. But also derma rolling and nizoral shampoo.

    If fin doesn't work for you then it there's no point going ahead with anything. That's my take away.

    The only thing he pushed was if you do get a HT is to shave your head so your day 2 is shorter. And not to do the crown as I could recover what's there and do some smp on it. They do smp of course. I think my crown is pretty weak but the front is obviously more important/gone to the dogs!

    I was recommended 2750 grafts.

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    This week I went to Andre Nel in Dublin. Mostly another doc Tarjanyi went through everything hair/biology/health related. Office manager was good too.

    Worth it for nearly 12 month prescription and run down to see where your at in general with your hair.

    I feel like I could have saved hours of forum research (and stress!) by going there sooner. And then learn more from forums from that point.

    Still a long way to go for me but a start.

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    Agreed. There's only so much you can garner from scraping through forums.. not to mention lots of misinformation to filter out, so it's just easier to cough up the €200 and get a professional analysis tailor-made for your particular state, not to mention getting a prescription from a GP etc.

    Incidentally I found the pharmacy under the clinic was very well priced. Some pharmacies were charging up to €20 more for Proscar / Loniten when I was shopping around.

    One thing I will say is that he recommends using a dermaroller every day (a 0.5mm I think), but I've done a lot of research and a 1mm once a week is better (also saves the hassle of having to clean the dermaroller every day)

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    What was the price for 2750 graphs? I'm f#cked so as Finasteride isn't doing anything for me. I'm 7 months now and my hair is still shedding. My hair has got noticeably thinner. I also have seborrheic dermatitis which could be affecting things?

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    Ah sh*ite. They said the hair around the transplant will thin and fall out. But saw some YouTube vids where ppl haven't taken it after a ht either. The whole thing is a nightmare!

    Around €11k. Mega money for me. I guess paying for the convenience of not travelling.

    I have still been checking out the other top ones around Europe just to gauge the situation. Seems the same price. Only Turkey is cheaper.

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    It's not only the convenience of not having to travel, but also being able to recuperate from comfort of home and have follow-up visits again without having to travel. Also if anything went wrong down the line you don't have far to go. You're paying a higher price, but for peace of mind ultimately.

    There is always the option of SMP which can either be done to improve density in longer hair, or to cover bald spots if you decide to shave your head. Looks practically like real hair to all intents as long as you maintain it (i.e. keep head shaved, or maintain the longer hair)

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    I got through to Bisanga second time around. Did you consider any of the other Belgium based surgeons? Even though you did get it done in Athens

    Jean Devroyn

    Bijan Feridun

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    Yes I did,I heard of the two above and their work looked excellent, I was more impressed with Dr Lupanzula (he trained under Basinga before going out on his own) Look him up,he's a top surgeon too.

    I reckon per capita Belgium probably has the most big name surgeons in Europe!

    The reason I went to Athens is Bisanga was in the process of setting up a clinic there with Dr Cole (well renowned ht surgeon) it was slightly cheaper to go there as he was trying get it off the ground at the time.Its not an option now so if I go for my 2nd I'll go to Belgium.

    Also I had both his Athens tech team and his own Belgian tech team do implantation.The Belgians were streets ahead,a really noticeable difference so I think I'd go there and pay the extra anyway.

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    Thanks for the info. And another name to research.

    Unrelated - how was overall experience? Did you tell people? Did you stay for a few days after surgery? Was shedding bad? How was work after? Where you on your way by month 4?

    Appreciate the help!

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    I got 2 x hair transplants in 2013, in DHI in the beacon. Chap I dealt with was Justin, nice lad. Doctor that did it was from Greece, he was a really nice guy. I was 38 at the time. I got a lifetime guarantee, haven't had to go back since.

    First was a full day session front of head mainly.

    2nd was a half day session. Crown mainly

    Think cost was about 10k total, can't remember.

    I was fully bald at front and thinning at crown. To be honest one of the best things I ever did as the results are still very good, have loads of hair in front. Crown has thinned a bit but is fine for me, I may get another quick hit in a couple of years. I did the minoxidil thing after the operation, but got a pain in my arse with it so stopped after about a year, I am not sure if it really did anything for me!

    Be under no illusion, it is a very painful and strange experience, my philosophy was, a couple of days pain and looking mad for a couple of weeks, for a lifetime of hair.

    If you are thinking of getting it done and you are self conscious, get it done. Yeah it is a lot of money but so are cars and drinking. Drive a cheaper car and drink less!

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    All valid points. I do like the idea of recovering at home and a follow up if needed.

    The thing that gets me though, and that some others mentioned is, it costs a bomb, and for the same price you can access european ht surgeons who seem to have a great global rep with loads of examples and lads posting their experiences and progress pics.

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    Recently got this done in MHR on top of Grafton street. Luckily I didn't go to Turkey cos when they shaved my head they discovered light psoriasis, so op was postponed while that was treated.

    apparently that's quite common.

    The op, it is pretty uncomfortable. For me it lasted about 5 hours in total.

    Re finasteride, can anyone share their experience with using/not using that. I have heard various reports to both take it and to stay away from it.

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    For Finasteride I've seen notable density increase... the dosage I take 1.25mg Mon, Wed, Fri, is very small and I haven't noticed any particular side-effects.

    Not to say people can't get them, but if they do occur, you can just stop taking the medication and the side-effects will disappear. It won't damage you permanently.

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    From my own experience with finisteride (I took it for 8 years but don't anymore)

    Side effects I had but we're bearable......ball ache,sensitive nipples,man boobs,watery semen.

    It did a good job on preserving my hair,I was taking roughly 1.25mg a day (one 5mg of Proscar bitten into 5 pieces)

    If I was to go back on it again which I may do I'd be taking 1.25 every second day instead as a lot if research shows its very nearly as effect doing that.

    I stopped because we were trying for kids and my doctor said to stop before trying and to go back on it otherwise if I wanted.

    Bottom line,try it and see how you go,you might have no sides or minor sides.If you're having a really bad reaction just stop and it'll be gone out of your system.Dont take it if you're actively trying to have a kids.

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    Curious, how long do you need to be off it for it to be considered "safe" for having kids?

    Obviously it may take a while for the success of pregnancy (unless you're a one-hit-wonder!), so would you take 3 months off? Do you lose hair in that case?

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    I was told a couple of months and 3 to be sure, not an exact science.Also not an exact science is would you lose some of your gains or stabilised hair.My own guess would be in most cases you wouldn't (I don't think anybody,a doctor or otherwise could give a definitive answer,some cases may be more likely than others) For example I was without Finesteride for a few months when I went to the States for work,there was no difference that I noticed and I just got back on it when I could.

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    Where i am coming from, and from chatting to people (i knows thats completely not scientific or anything), they were basically concerned about becoming dependent on it and when you stop taking it the hair will fall out.

    Any truth in that would you have any idea?

    The clinic is available for all these concerns and I'll chat to them but sometimes better to get the perspective of someone who has lived it

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    Yea from what I understand you'd need to take it for life...or as long as you want to hold onto the hair density.

    Dr Nel takes it himself and has done so for years.

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    I'm taking finasteride about a year now and have had no side effects with the exception that my semen is a bit more watery (this does seem to be a common side effect). From what I have been told is that taking finasteride may decrease fertility, and if it is the case, to come off the drug for a few months if trying for a baby and the side effects should be reversed. Finasteride blocks the hormone responsible for male pattern baldness and if you stop taking it indefinitely the hair loss pattern will probably return.

    Obviously don't take my word for it and do your own research and/or seek medical advice!

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    Dr Nel spoke with Dermot and Dave today and highlighted the importance of taking finasteride for a successful HT and what other clinics tend to do to keep clients. A perfect example was the second segment where a listener told his experience of a HT with another Irish clinic.

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    oh boy... even longer waiting times now for appointments as a result of his exposure there 🤣

  • Registered Users Posts: 528 ✭✭✭ zeebre12

    Had my consultation today in Dr Nel's Clinic. I explained that Finasteride didn't seem to be working for me as I was still shedding after 7 months. They said the reason for it not working is because I was using the wrong brand. I was assured when I start taking Proscar it will work. I thought Fibasteride just doesn't work for some people? I was told I was not the first person who was taking the generic Finasteride that had these issues.

    She said having seborrheic dermatitis has nothing got to do with Finasteride not working. They said I could continue to dermaroll even having seborrheic dermatitis. But if you do a quick Google search on this it says not to. I was prescribed Loniten and Proscar to try and hold onto what I have left.

    If it is that I was taking the generic brand which was not showing results its really disheartening as I having lost so much hair over the past 7 months.

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    That’s interesting I didn’t know there was a difference. I’m using Accord Finasteride, anyone else on that?