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Freaks (2019)

  • 04-01-2020 12:58pm
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    Mentioned here before;

    I'd add that it's in the same stable as Brightburn/Hancock/Chronicle in the 'subversion of standard superpowers genre' sub-genre. Came across it by accident, and I gotta admit, I was contemplating turning it off around the 20 minute mark; it was initally sluggish, and overly concerned with keeping the reveals to a drip-feed. However, once it overcame this inertia, it snowballed to a pretty good ending.
    It's a low-budget affair that starts of as a drama that becomes an all-out fantasy actioner by the end, fueled by really good ideas, where all the acting is commendable, but the star- 7 year old Lexy Kolker- is fantastic.
    If you liked the Brightburn/Hancock/Chronicle style, you should love this.


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    Really good film, best watched knowing every little about it - as mentioned above it's a little confusing at first but it really gathers pace towards the end as everything falls into place. I think it primarily works so well because the girl is such a tremendous and believable actor.

    Don't want to say too much about it as talking about the general plot spoils some of the later reveals, but definitely worth a watch if you like indie sci-fi films.