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Christmas Forum Stats Updates



  • It's great to see, especially as the site is still nowhere near fixed after more than 2 months!

  • Couldnt believe the amount of threads lit up when logging in this morning... taking longer to read through them all which is a good sign!!

    "I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year" - Charles Dickens

  • After been offline since last Wed, came back to 17 (!!!) bold threads and 86 posts in the chat thread!!!

    That's November/December levels.

    We have really bounced back strong in the last few weeks.

  • So we ended the with over 1,000 posts first time since March, up 140 from last month.

    Ultimately down 800 posts on last year, but last year we were just starting our tournaments. in context Sept 2021 beat Sept 19,18 & 17. Second biggest September to date.

    Trailing last years annual total by just over 4k posts with 3 months to go. 2021 has surpassed 2019 total already making it the 2nd busiest year ever no matter what happens. 2019 will be left well in the dust again this year.

  • Great news.

    I wonder will 2020 be an outlier year because of everything that was going on?

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  • Was only thinking that myself, 2020 and all that happened may have seen us reach our peak, there was a real & early craving for christmas as there was little else to look forward to. Though in saying that 4k in 3 months isn't an impossible target... but would be surprised if we managed it.

    "I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year" - Charles Dickens

  • Nail on head. I venture into some other parts of Boards however not for long as the negativity is just terrible and not healthy to be consuming on a regular basis.

    Post edited by TRS30 on

  • I found since the platform change it's gotten worse now, alot of trolls are taking advantage of the lack of Mod tools at the moment and are running amuck. Even forums that used to be fine like Television. I find I'm posting less and less anywhere else but here.

  • My pet hate is when a thread I enjoy following, as has some very knowledgeable posters, shows lots of new messages. I get all excited to read them and then find out it two posters arguing over something trivial, with each trying to prove the other wrong and 'win' the argument!!

    Post edited by TRS30 on

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  • It's when people start putting words in your mouth I back off totally. It's a sign one person knows they've lost and attempt to change the dynamic... I still just hold my hands up if proven wrong/incorrect and move on... its far less stressful.

    "I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year" - Charles Dickens

  • Complete agree, a Marvel thread has turned into essay style posts about misogynist attitudes.

    A thread on superhero popcorn films has turned into an essay style debate... I enjoy those movies as I can switch my brain off... the thread is the opposite.

  • Reminds me of the star wars film threads... there's one poster in there who has totally laid claim to the threads & challenges everything that goes against his preconceived ideas of right & wrong... its actually scary the lengths people can go to, becoming so highbrow over a series of films made essentially for kids. As much as I enjoy the star wars universe theres no way was I getting involved.

    "I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year" - Charles Dickens

  • There seems to be topics that get people going *cough vaccine cough*, star wars being a good one. We had a lovely gentle 40 odd year old working for us who was star wars mad, he gave his kid a middle name of Jedi as his surname was Knight. Anyway lovely lad but when he got ribbed about star wars being a kids movie or when someone intentionally made a star trek rather than star wars reference he changed persona. Very strange.

    Anywho, hows the stats looking?

  • Update of stats incoming tomorrow. 😃

  • You should be nervous, TRS. Your throughput figures are shocking. 😂

  • He was right to be nervous!! 😜

    We are currently at 895 for the month, 180 behind last month, 1,880 behind last year (don't forget last year had our tournaments) and 226 behind 2 years ago which is more reasonable.

  • Ouch!

    "I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year" - Charles Dickens

  • The biggest problem is we’re not as easily found as we used to be. The new layout has made it hard to find us and the search is redundant.

    So I’m not imagining the traditional seasonal upturn in posts. Ah we had a great run to be fair.

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  • Yep, our ‘casual trade’ is definitely down and can’t see that increasing to same extent as last year.

    So we might be smaller this year however just as good!

  • Well said TRS30 it’s actually been great craic in here even more so this year.

  • It has been 🙂 and when you think of some of the forums around here that are now just tumbleweed since the 'upgrade' we are very lucky with our little gang here!

  • I still havent figures out how to use this new layout to be honest. I click on the bell icon to see a post that will bring me to any Christmas thread and then use that to navigate to the Christmas forum page.

  • I bookmarked Christmas threads and just go there.

  • Yeah, it's great logging in this morning and seeing so many threads lit up with multiple new posts... we're definitely doing better than a lot of the other ones who are considerably down traffic wise.

    And agree, here has been good fun since we came back after the upgrade, and still optimistic we'll get an increased casual traffic, as we're posting more the forum will appear on the home page and hopefully show the less enlightened the way here 😀

    "I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year" - Charles Dickens

  • I should add we are still on course for beating 2020's total number of posts, by the end of this month we will probably will only have 3,000 posts to reach in 2 months to beat 2020. November and December have reached over 3k posts in 2017, 2018 and over 4k in 2019.

  • We are also on the verge of surpassing 12k total posts for only the second time ever. Last year being the first.

  • Wow 12000 posts! That's crazy when you think of the cutover too and the settling in period when posts were waaaay down

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  • Thankfully for us that happened in July a traditionally weak month for the forum. July 21 was still the 2nd biggest on record for us. Trailing 2020 by 16 posts.

    the fact people weren’t going on holidays meant there was more posts in July this year and last year.