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Spending Christmas in Derry

  • 21-12-2019 12:14pm
    Registered Users Posts: 3,427 ✭✭✭ xieann

    What shops are open in the city on 27th?

    I was in Weatherspoons pub there a few years ago.
    I'm sure there's a better Guinness to be got and in a GAA not rugby type glass too.


  • Everything will be open the 27th!

    If it was Weatherspoons in the Diamond, its now called Granny Annie's, taken over a couple of years ago.

    As for a decent Guinness, no bar really ever stood out for me for a good one, but Weatherspoons would never have been on my list for Guinness. Try the pubs on Waterloo Street, it'll be better there for sure.

  • Great.
    Paraphrase another thread here on boards, I can really go buy some $hit for myself.

  • You coming on your own? Or family?
    Any other questions, feel free.

  • Well?

    How'd you get on?

  • Right

    Train from Dublin Connolly through to Derry.

    : No manky passengers on either Dublin Belfast or Belfast Derry

    Belfast Derry cost £13 one way. Worth it for experience.

    The exterior of Derry train station is complete mess.
    Helpful senior citizen told me I'd have to ring for taxi. Gah.
    Raced back into station shop bought chocolate bar for change for the bus. Then raced back to bus...driver let me on free ..
    Reached bus station.
    Got taxi outside bus station straight away to hotel. Taxi driver told me why they don't stand outside train station have to agree with him tbf.
    Then spent Christmas. Etc etc.
    Now, originally intended to go on to Sligo city for business I need to clean up. Mmmm. Seems its essentially a phantom bus service this time of year.
    Ended up getting macginley coach in water street back to Dublin.
    Helpful driver to helped get my bulky case out of bus boot without me asking him.
    Phots to follow in next 24 hrs.

    Both taxis to and from hotel

    Will attach photos

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  • Yeah, the bus is free to and from the town centre to the train. But its not well publicised.

    Agree about the front of the train station. It wasn't finished properly when they opened the station.i think they were under pressure to open the new revamped station by a certain date but the surrounding area was still a building site. I think they addressed that in the last few weeks as pick up/ drop offs were dangerous and traffic was a mess.

    Everglades nice hotel. At least it used to be, haven't been in it in quite a few years.

    Our travel links to the rest of the country are poor up here. It's something Derry and Donegal people just have to live with.

  • NIMAN wrote: »

    Our travel links to the rest of the country are poor up here. It's something Derry and Donegal people just have to live with.

    Perhaps the Derry Donegal folk should pay a visit to the Munster forum, and read about the quality of service for bus eireann cork Limerick.

    ..I mean pipe up in ern, here in the Ulster forum about bus eireann services : they should have more to worry about than Dublin Derry :)