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Nutrition advice for training

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    I am training for 5 Hrs a week, 4 days a week. Doing 12 FTP builder. 3 hrs or so on the turbo and 2 HRs outside on the bike. Smart trainer for indoors and HR monitor for outdoors (saving for a power meter). I am happy with my training on the bike I need help on Nutrition, like do I need to be taking whey protein shakes, what should I be eating etc. I don’t take any gels or anything when I am training just water.

    I am 5ft 9” and weight of 98kg and 43 years old. FTP is at 205 (pretty low I know)

    Any help would be great, is there any books or diet plans out there as you can see I need to lose weight. I am going to race in the Vets this year for 1st time. So going to build up to 100km or more training rides and any advice on how to fuel for these as would not be stopping on these rides.

    I know this is very broad topic but any help to get me going would be greatly appreciated and I might do a trend on how I get on


  • First thing I'd do OP is do a week's calorie counting, using MyFitness or similar. I'd argue there's little point in looking at any diet plans without seeing what your weekly calorie intake is what the quality of those calories is?