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Christmas abroad

  • 28-11-2019 9:27pm
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    Anyone else living abroad this christmas?
    What do you miss?
    Is it better?

    We spent last christmas here but we are going to Ireland for christmas this year.
    I miss bringing the kids to see Santa, mince pies, christmas pudding.
    The lights, the parties, the sweet treats.
    I don't miss the weather though:)
    We have snow:)


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    15th year of Christmas abroad chez nous this year. Puddings are made, cake is made, mince meat is made. I suspect there's a box of Roses in the parcel that arrived at the start of the week. :D

    I've been back to Dublin a few times over that period, moreso when the children were really young, but having got used to a very low-key, ecologically responsible Christmas that starts around about the 20-somethingth of December (and carries on till February-ish) I got cheesed off with the OTT commercialisation of Christmas in Ireland. And it all coming to a crashing halt on the 26th Dec. :(

    2019 is likely to be less quiet than recent years, though: the females in the family are each doing their own thing with their +1s, so it'll be an all-batchelor affair for myself and the boys: action&sci-fi movies every night, uninsured driving of unroadworthy vehicles on the lane, airsoft battles in the barn ... but we'll have the best china (antique Wedgewood), silverwear (Newbridge) and glassware (Tipperary Crystal) too for our seven-course Christmas dinner: SonNo.2 has high standards since he did studied hotel management. :pac:

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    Great thread title! Hope all of you whether staying put or returning to Ireland have a really lovely Christmas.

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    I'm living in Canada but will be in Ireland for Christmas... I've never spent Christmas away from home but I know it will probably happen eventually, and I hope it will still feel like Christmas to me.

    At this point it is mostly the people that I miss, things like going to pre-Christmas events with friends and singing in a choir that has a Christmas concert. I usually watched the Toy Show with friends, but this year when they got together I video called them beforehand and then watched along with them in a chat group. Some of it is that I'm relatively new here and haven't really made friends yet, maybe it will be easier next year.

    I miss some of the food but will make up for that while I'm home :D I need to introduce Canadians to things like mulled wine, I don't mind the lack of mince pies though because I don't like dried fruit.

    We have snow here too and it definitely adds to the festive atmosphere. A lot more people put up outdoor Christmas decorations than at home, and many put them up in November - I thought this meant Canadians are super festive, but someone pointed out that it is warmer in November and that makes putting up lights etc much easier.

    I visited southern Africa in December a few years ago and the dry heat really didn't feel festive, it was odd seeing staff in petrol stations and stuff wearing Santa hats when it was more than 40 degrees outside.

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    I live abroad, have done 11 years or so now. I have worked Christmas day and been abroad for Christmas day.

    In my early 20's Christmas day was spent in a friends pool at his villa getting smashed, we called ourselves expat orphans. People would be going in and out of the house to skype various parts of the world, whilst trying to get the vpn to work. Most of the time, after spending the morning saying they didn't miss home, the ladies would be in tears. Could be to do with the copious amounts of fizz they had consumed also.

    BBQ turkey and our wanabe Texan couple (who were Canadian) would deep fry a turkey in about 30 minutes. Then all change out of swimwear (optional) and sit down for a rowdy outdoor dinner. Then dance the night away around and in the pool.

    Fast forward a few years, a marriage, kids, new country, last year we did a Christmas dinner in our house on Christmas eve with pals which was nice. Then we got up, exchanged pressies and headed off to a bubbly brunch, all you eat food and any drink at a swanky hotel. My OH was 8 months pregnant so a quiet day. But we had a such a lovely Christmas that we decided that we will do every second Christmas here.

    I love going home, fly in 2 days, seeing friends and family but the 8.5 hour flights, our families on opposite sides of the country, and different locations to our friends, mean we end up being pulled from pillar to post with both families claiming that we are not spending enough time with them. I spent half my time driving. Living out of a suitcase in a box room. It's no holiday at all.

    So I would rather, and I can't believe I am saying this, spend Christmas with my direct little family abroad. I'm lucky if I get to take 4 weeks holidays a year and I am so wrecked when they come around. I really need down time. I am by no means old, nor are my peers however we work bloody hard, travel long hours and health is catching up on some of us. Few pals have had heart scares in their early 30's. I can't be arsed spending two weeks of my holidays driving and being guilted about not spending enough time at home.