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Eflow Problem

  • 27-11-2019 12:09am
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    Hi guys. I have just encountered a problem with eflow. 2 journeys on separate days through the toll that I genuinely forgot to pay. I did not receive any letters until this week as aparantly my address was somehow changed in the tax office by error. I called eflow and found them so unhelpful very rude on the phone saying that it doesn't matter that I didn't get the letters. I should have paid on time. I completely understand that I should have paid but it was human error and we all make mistakes. Reminders are obviously sent for a reason and I didn't receive any through no fault of my own. So now 4 weeks before Christmas they are demanding that I pay 500e!! They also refused to put me through to there supervisor when I requested this. Any ideas if I should just let this go to court?


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    Leaving it go to court is exceptionally risky unless you get a solicitor, and that will probably cost more than the 500... how long do you have at that level?

    If you've enough time, a registered letter providing proof that the address change was not down to you and offering to pay the first stage late fee (as that's what you would have had to pay anyway) and offering to get an account or tag MIGHT work.

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    LauraB77 wrote: »
    apparently my address was somehow changed in the tax office by error.

    What's the nature of the error with your address?

  • Registered Users Posts: 921 ✭✭✭benjamin d

    I would suggest that since you've made four separate posts on this in less than ten minutes maybe your attitude to the staff at eflow wasn't the most patient or polite?

    As many posters in the previous threads said, and I have experienced myself, the staff tend to be sound if you explain yourself. Did you fly off the handle first thing or were you polite and contrite?

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,801 ✭✭✭iamtony

    Offer them weekly payments till you can afford to offer a lump sum to clear. I've been down this road and it doesn't go away and they will accept weekly payments.
    P.s 2 journeys should never go to €500 the most a single journey goes is something like €143.00 so shouldn't be more than €300 unless they have made changes in the last few years? If so my apologies if not if your looking for help at least tell the whole truth.

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    iamtony wrote: »
    I've been down this road and it doesn't go away.

    Depends on the issue with the tax office.

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