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DIT Aungier St. 4 yr degree

  • 21-11-2019 4:14pm
    Registered Users Posts: 826 ✭✭✭ BraveDonut

    My son is in 2nd year of a 4 year business & law degree in Aungier Street.
    He seems to have very few lectures and these seem to be at unusual times – a lot of them in the evening when he has nothing in the rest of the day. He has a 2 hour lecture on a Thursday during which he gets a 40-minute break!!

    He also had very few hours in 1st year but we thought that this would change in 2nd year.

    It seems stupid to me that this degree could not be completed in 3 years if he has so much free time. Is this just a way of making it seem like a more “prestigious” degree or is it a case of the college dragging it out to get more funding?

    It also seems that the lectures seem to be set at times that suit the college and not necessarily the student. (My son commutes into the city every day – sometimes to only have 1 lecture!)



  • Registered Users Posts: 2 mrsfallon77

    hi ya I have had a look at the timetable for this programme and it actually looks ok...except for monday and friday which are light enough

    Have you had a look at his timetable?

    Just because there are no classes doesnt mean there is nothing to do. University is about self directed learning. Research and Library work. Depending on the programme but normally timetabled hrs lessen as the student progresses but again this can vary. Less class more self directed learning and study.No class means head to the library for study and work on assignments etc.

    Have you had a look at the programme structure for year 2 online

    Not sure what you mean by timetables being set to suit the college and not the student. A lot of things go into drafting a timetable - a class may contain students from many different programmes so modules are drafted to accomodate all programmes involved. Just an example.

    when I was in my final year of my degree we had very little timetabled we were working on our thesis significant time was dedicated to research etc