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Martin Scorsese takes aim at Marvel



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    The de-aging in The Irishman is mostly perfectly acceptable, one or two inevitable moments of slight uncanny valley aside. There’s just one scene early on where it’s clearly an elderly Robert de Niro with a young face involved in an assault scene... the choice of angle is really weird and just emphasises that de Niro is very much not in his 30s.

    Did you see this at a festival or something?

  • Moderators, Category Moderators, Arts Moderators, Computer Games Moderators, Entertainment Moderators Posts: 29,184 CMod ✭✭✭✭johnny_ultimate

    Tony EH wrote: »
    Did you see this at a festival or something?

    There were a bunch of Irish screenings a few weeks ago to coincide with the London premiere.

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    Homelander wrote: »
    The debate is centred on modern film and it's quality.

    You've stated that the quality of one of the most well recognised finest trilogies, Lord of the Rings, is debatable.

    "One director with a singular vision" as a criticism, despite films of that ilk needing precisely that, or else you end up with a situation like the new Star Wars trilogy.

    I was stating one director with a singular vision as a positive point, as opposed to modern franchises such as, as you mentioned, Star Wars.

    The 'Absolutely not' i meant as can it be compared to the franchises Scorsese spoke, i see how that could be confusing considering the original question.

    Homelander wrote: »
    Inferred that what's considered the best 'superhero' movie ever is not a good movie.

    I didn't infer that, i said it sucked the comic book fun of the first film out of the trilogy & took itself a little too seriously. Itis overhyped in my book, but still good.

    Homelander wrote: »
    It seems to me that you're trying a little too hard to win an argument or discredit certain posters, rather than have a logical debate.

    Why because i don't agree with what you think is the 'general consensus' about films? I couldn't give a **** about general consensus, apart from that you picked up some of my points wrong and put words in my mouth for others.
    Homelander wrote: »
    I could claim that Scary Movie 3 is the best movie ever made, or Goodfellas is a terrible movie, and it'd be a perfectly fine opinion, but hardly productive or worth giving weight to in a discussion about the landscape of current cinema.

    You can do whatever you want, form your own opinions. Stop listening to critics.