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The overarching purpose of human/behavioral psychology?

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    It's been my experience with this area of science that, due to its currently contrasting nature with the likes of more well defined scientific areas such as engineering/physics etc - psychology is, at least as it's understood in contemporary form - not based on algorithms, number sequences, ciphers, digital paradigms.

    These things, although appearing complex (where as their fundamental concepts are often very simple), they do offer definition.

    Something that, when conclusively proven - leaves no room for doubt.
    A balanced mathematical formula, an experimentally confirmed physics equation.

    Psychology - I guess it's understood there's a human cognitive process, an "underlying" emotional impetus, the relative clash between one and the other, and the resultant behavioral outcomes (just a point of curiosity - Elon Musk refers to these two entities as "cortical control", vs "limbic control" - with one perpetually attempting to placate the other, effectively. I thought it was an interesting analogy).

    Just in terms of my own background, I have no contemporary psychological based qualifications, but I do have a strong background in pharmacology, and the resultant co-understanding of neurotransmission, gene expression - and then it starts to get a little hazy as to how and where this ties into the, "end product" - us.

    Genetic predisposition, environmental influence and, the latest and greatest characterized player - neurodevelopment.

    The latter being, the wild card.
    Unpredictable - but theorized to profoundly implicate gene regulation.

    So, merging with the psychological paradigms - thoughts, impulses - emotions, actions, behavior, personality.

    The current speculation goes to the effect of potential gene regulation by way of impulse state, emotional state.

    Now - just to put this in perspective - homosexuality; terribly controversial topic.
    But I raise it as, it's effectively locked in with the statement, "so refractory to outside influence".

    Any attempts to manipulate it via, by example - hormonal therapy (hormones being cell nucleus neurotransmitters), as a means to implicate gene expression, the resultant emotional impetus - have conclusively failed (with some devastating and tragic outcomes).

    Therapy - talk therapy.
    Not too well up on this but, is it the historical model that the subject effectively "adopts" the emotional structure of the therapist?
    Something like that?

    Well - homosexuality again has proved, "refractory", to this approach.

    Okay - let me take it down a notch so this doesn't turn into a full blown essay;

    The overarching purpose of psychology - as it appears to me is - to understand, the human emotional process?
    To understand how those impulses that seem so out of sync and out of control with oftentimes our cognizance, our sense of right and wrong etc - how they actually function?

    For in doing so - we would understand humans in the most intrinsic possible fashion, the point from which all traits (making an allusion here to the laughable FFM) emerge, potentially right through as far as physiologic development, body types (all gene expression).
    The pivotal aspect of "neurodevelopment" - the thought process.

    So with all that being said - agree/disagree?

    How far along would you say the science of psychology is at currently?

    And with a major breakthrough, by example - what would you speculate the global implication could be?
    (by example - universal emotional regulation, cultural integration, removal of segregation, dissolution of feminism, fascism etc?)