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Planning permission granted for 471 apartments at former Chivers site



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    Varta wrote: »
    This isn't necessary and is the kind of language that builds hostility. There is an almost unlimited supply of land occupied by crumbling, half empty, industrial units within the M50. This is a scandalous waste of space.

    I'd get rid of them too. We don't need a train yard in inchicore, and or an industrial estate. There's no point in greenspace being there if it's inaccessable., so make them move to where land is in abundance, outside the city limits. Build high density homes and parks in their place. You don't need to be playing golf within the m50.

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    We'll have to agree to disagree on that then.

    I don't think it's good to have to pay rent for your whole life especially for older people when they retire
    True but there are people out there like me who will work all there life and never own property, it's just the way it is. The most important thing is that we build and build and build and then build some more so that people who work can always afford to rent. Right now the people who oppose to new homes been built for silly reasons are helping cause poverty as there driving more people towards been homeless

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    Update on this development:

    I just hate to see where we will end up, with people not even having an option to buy their own home, and large corporations owning these apartments instead.

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    blanch152 wrote: »
    This is the kind of thinking that holds Dublin back.

    We have only a few options to provide housing in Dublin.

    (1) Build high-density and high-rise apartments in suitable locations such as this one, particularly old brownfield industrial estates.

    (2) Keep building semi-ds until Dublin joins up with Galway and we have the worst urban sprawl in the world

    (3) Bulldoze the existing semi-d estates all over Dublin and replace with four-storey duplexes and apartments.

    Only (1) is possible and sustainable.

    Also the silly thinking that the government should insist that affordable homes should be built in such locations, who will decide who gets those affordable homes? And which set of taxpayers will pay the extra cost?

    Why is it silly thinking?
    The government should be providing affordable houses for people who work but can’t afford a mortgage due to housing costs being too expensive.
    There are not enough rental accommodations available so affordable housing is a way of providing security to families that earn a average wages.

    The alternative is you expect everyone to earn more and more which in effect pushes up house prices more and more.

    In 2008/2009 there were affordable housing schemes delivered on a lottery basis (you had to meet certain criteria to apply, ie you had to be working and not in receipt of SW, you had to earn under a certain amount etc), this was done through the local authority and a clawback was included in future profits.
    This had the effect of taking the pressure off the rental sector thus reducing rents as demand fell or stagnated.
    This is what we should be doing now.

    Before anyone pisses and moans about me excluding anyone on SW, the social housing list was the route to go for that set of circumstances.

    Anyone moaning about having to pay for affordable housing can apply for it themselves and see if they’ll be lucky enough to get picked, if they don’t qualify they’re either earning too much, so they can get a mortgage, or they can get their name on the social housing list.

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    MODS: I know this is an old thread but I feel its relevant.

    But it was in the new last week that this site is now being sold for €25 million, nearly 10 times what it was valued at when it was initially bought.

    The Site which has been vacant since 2007 has not been on the derelict site list and has incurred it's owners (Platinum Land) no cost at all.

    Nothing is going to be built here, they got the land rezoned (somehow), they got the planning permission... and did nothing.

    I'd say a very sour taste has been left in councilors / An Bord Pleanála that pushed for this (the most stupid of developments) to be completed, only for the Developer to take the money and run. The have been completely and utterly played, and made a complete fool of.

    Maybe the people in charge of making these decisions will learn their lesson... they probably won't though.

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