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*Gas* BBQ/Grilling



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    Ok I see TJs had them for 400 then 360 last august.

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    Can anyone recommend a griddle insert Weber Genesis? There are a few non brand options on Amazon. Has anyone picked something like this up?

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    There are a couple of Blackstone flat top grills on Amazon UK but the prices are eye watering compared to the same products in the US. eg £270 for a 17 inch grill that would be under $130 in Walmart and often around $100 in their regular sales. The 17 inch model only has a single burner as well which is no use if you want a hot zone for burgers and a low zone for onions and toasting buns. 22 inch model has twin burners, after that they go up to 4 burners on the 36 inch model.

    Ive a way to get one from the US without import duties but Im trying to figure out if the gas system would be compatible. I know I would need an Irish regulator,hose and propane tank but wondering if anything in the unit itself could trip me up and it wouldnt work. In theory it should work once I have the Irish connections but Im no gas engineer so Im not certain of it.

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    Cheers for the replies.

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    Hi all,

    Please forgive the naivete with some of these questions here:

    I'm in the market for an outdoor gas cooker moreso than a BBQ, or at any rate I think I am.

    Something along the lines of this, but not as dinky. I guess more of a built in gas hob rather than something with an oven even, but that's the closest I could find.

    I'm OK for the low and slow as I just picked up a Traeger. However I'd like something that I can boil things on. Nearly all gas powered BBQs just seem to be ones with grills rather than rings.

    Can you boil away on the grill or is the flame too far down as it's designed to heat the whole inside of the BBQ when you close down the lid? I was looking at Planchas or griddles too but not sure about the sense in indirectly heating a pot to boil pasta etc.

    Specific use of the new gadget would be for getting more into outdoor cooking and using it whenever the weather is pleasant enough to warrant it and as a back up to an indoor induction hob.

    It would live outdoors all year round but under a cover. I don't object to getting a 'traditional' gas BBQ if it could fit the role outlined.

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    You can buy a gas bbq with a gas ring on the side

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    Yep, but not two or four say like an actual hob. Which would be the ideal in this situation.

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    Anyone see the 2 burner gas bbq for sale in tesco, half price, now €42.50. Any thoughts? I usually charcoal but was thinking this might be handy for something quick

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    Not sure whether this is spam or not but they’re based in Canada so please take it with a pinch of salt.

    The Gloomster!

    Hi OP! I suggest you check out this store that sells grills, smokers, and other things that you may need for your bbq outdoor kitchen. Their store is called Dickson BBQ, I bought my gas grill from them along with my other outdoor BBQ equipment and what I really liked about them is that they carry a lot of different items from several brands which means more options to choose from.

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    B&Q have 30% of selected BBQs online until August 15.

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    Nice shout, albeit some of their weber prices are very high to begin with!

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    Anyone got experience of ordering off weber directly? Looking at the E220

    Alternative recommendations for sturdy 2 burners also welcome. My old outback excel gave up the ghost last week, and decided to get something better built. Would live outside on the patio. Mostly cooking for one, but occasionally trying to do a small joint or cater for visitors.