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Sailing Boat / Small Cruiser - Suggestions Please.



  • Anyone remember this 36ft ketch when she was in DL, I believe she's been on Derg for years?

  • Bit of a bump to this thread as I thought some might be able to give an indication, ballpark only, of the following;

    Haulage, how it's calculated etc.
    There's a few 26ft ish possibilities that I may consider sitting on their cradles that'd need collecting & moving to Sligo.

    Although there are a few Sonata's & similarly sized boat going that might make the more sensible option.

    Craining/Lifting in. I imagine that this is likely arranged for a given day at a club's location... but as the club is currently in hibernation I thought I'd enquire here as well.

    Thanks again folks, great help & advice.