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Lucy in the Sky (Natalie Portman & Legion, Fargo Director Film Debut)

  • 17-07-2019 10:55pm
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    Like.. I'd seen this trailer and thought I'd wait for the next before going as far as creating a thread... but then I saw it's by the Director of Legion! He (Noah Hawley) has, so far, directed the TV shows Legion and Fargo.

    I'm assuming, then, that this is going to be both difficult to understand and a wonder to behold! :)

    Also stars:
    • Jon Hamm (who was in Mad Men .. although I've not see Mad Men)
    • Dan Stevens (who is in Legion)
    • Zazie Beetz (who was in Deadpool)
    • Tig Notaro (who is in Star Trek: Discovery)
    • Nick Offerman (who was in loads of shows .. although I've not probably not seen an.. *scrolls down the wiki page* oh, he was in Fargo and the Jump Street movies! :))


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    Had to listen!

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    Look's great; I'm not really sure about Natalie Portman's hair, though.

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    Continuing the long tradition of screenwriters graduating to the directors chair, though I know Hawley has already cut his teeth on TV. I always find it an interesting transition, but one I don't necessarily understand. Some don't always manage it (see Alex Kurtzman), while writing & directing seem like such different skills and fields I've wondered what makes (screen)writers say "Yeah, I'd like to try that". I guess it's like pro. footballers becoming managers when they retire...

    Anyway, trailer looks interesting & I've really enjoyed Hawley's output to date, including his novels. A very imaginative, thoughtful writer.

    It also reminds me that I must get around to finishing Legion; I just forgot to keep going, having already started Season 2, better get on that. :D

  • Moderators, Society & Culture Moderators Posts: 25,535 Mod ✭✭✭✭ Dades

    Looks really interesting.

    I'm not a big a big fan of stories where people spiral out of control as they don't usually end with a wedding and an uplifting song. This one looks like it could be well crafted though.

    What's with the changing aspect ratios? Meant to delineate timeframes? Is some of this in IMAX?

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    Dades wrote: »
    What's with the changing aspect ratios? Meant to delineate timeframes? Is some of this in IMAX?

    I noticed that. I had a quick think about it but just figured it was Noah Hawley doing stuff for a reason like was done in Legion. That all seemed to just work.