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My €100m BEAM scheme



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    When we posted in the cheque we asked for a receipt to be posted back to us. We got one just to have, just in case

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    Given the fact that an online application is needed for most schemes I think an advisor would be well worth the money. Practically everyone I know has an advisor. How you think the money can't be clawed back is beyond me. Scheme had rules, people didn't comply, deduct it from other payments

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    An advisor without qualifications. I have advised many in my time

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    I know Teagasc pushed hard to get guys to join around here in the last days before it closed.

    I didn't think it was a good advise for many only taking a few hundred out of it.

    I got nearly 11k and think I'm down money because of cutting stock numbers at a time of rising prices.

    I would be very upset if I am proved to be a fool for adhering to the rules. But this is ireland and usually the the rules are only for people that want to be bound by. them so why will this be different?

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    clap on the back for the boys in the IFA😂. Joe and Angus along with big Phil, Mick the trick Creed, all who want credit for all this money got from taxpayers while kids with curves in their spines wait on lists for treatment…. They “lobbied” , “pushed, pulled “and” got this shite over the line” while the processors/ retailers went unchecked as they belligerently profiteered on a scale that must now be apparent to even their dumbest loyal minion.

    and good old Justin the clown pens this today😂 The IFA/IFJ better ask Sean Quinn how do you get google to delete a few yokes!

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    Can you post a link, no offence but your post doesn't make sense to me.

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    Beef was at 3.57 a kg for prime Irish grass fed r grade QA steers at the time of this schemes inception, dragging the whole of Europe’s commodity beef into the doldrums. And this was a big win for Irish farmers brought to us by the ifa and Fine Gael. And now ifa/ifj don’t want to own it anymore😉

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    I was fully compliant by the original deadline. It may not have been fully legal how I achieved it but it was achieved.

    Teagasc locally pushed a lot of smaller sucklers guys into it in the last days that are now under pressure for fertiliser money without having to pay that back.

    It was always a shambles of a scheme and I don't understand why it was so highly thought of by old powers.

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    Neither the farm organisations involved or the FJ will admit that the flaw in there thinking is that the EU will fund losses in the farming sector. It is up to individuals to manage there own businesses.

    Was this scheme flawed. No it was not. The real problem was the inability of some who will be paying it back to understand nitrates and stocking rates. Some suckler farmers taught you if you had to reduce you could sell a cow the end of November and that would satisfy the requirements.

    If I had any criticism it would have being allowing a reduction on smaller payments. If the first 2k was not effected by failure to achieve a reduction it would have solved a lot of issue. However hindsight is 20/20 vision. Most lads that decided not to bother reducing on the finishing side won big time.

    It interesting as well to see the furore over pig and veg at present. Most of these lads wiped out the smaller producers over the last 20++ years. Now it's there turn. I would not be exactly shedding tears for them.

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    Slava Ukrainii

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    Yes very interesting to see the furore over pig prices Agree completely that the smaller producer was wiped out. The huge profits of previous years was not mentioned. IFA president has a pot of e7million built up.Profits of from half to one million per year for the last number of years and continuing to expand. This is the trend with these big units, and expect someone else to sell their product and return them a profit.