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Displaying Tax / NCT / Insurance

  • 01-07-2019 11:29am
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    Hi Folks,

    Has anybody come up with a solution for a removable tax / insurance / nct disc holder ?

    Obviously I need to display them when driving / parked on the road, but I dont want to stick the usual holder on the windscreen. They look awful, especially at shows. My car is originally from the UK, and it has a copy of the original tax disc from 1985 in the window, which I think is nice. I dont want to then stick up the usual 3 irish ones.

    I am thinking of putting the NCT / Insurane / Tax beside each other and laminating them into one card. I can then place it on the dash when out and about.

    Has anybody ever done this. In the unlikely event that I pass through a checkpoint these days, can you imagine that there would be any grief or suspicion from the Garda ?