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Deemed disposal and non EEA ETF's

  • 30-06-2019 4:03pm
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    I was thinking of investing in one for the ETF's that track the S&P 500 which Degiro has such as HHH which is free to trade once a month however the taxation of ETF's here is cruel at 41% vs CGT for stocks and have the deemed disposal rule also, though for piece of mind maybe its worthwhile anyhow.
    I did notice that on a 5 year time scale all the ETF's that track the US market (such as the S&P 500 , dividend aristocrats, Russel 3000 etc) significantly outperform the US version of the symbol for reasons I'm not really understanding but would make the tax rate a bit easier to swallow if that continues (anyone know why this is? - dividends reinvested automatically rather than paid perhaps?)


    Non EEA ETF's are subject to CGT or deemed disposal, though but I haven't seen any on the Degiro free list. Does anyone know of ones like HHH which track the US market and can be purchased on Degiro?

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