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General Chat 2019/20



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    I think it’s a very useful idea if it’s someone new hosting a league. People need to be able to trust where there money goes, and with no track record you can’t really have that even for the nicest of posters.

    Personally I’d be at the point now where if someone asked me for proof of myself before joining one of my leagues, I’d be asking them not to join my leagues instead, but I would not have had that same right early on in the day.

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    KDB 11.5m

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,775 ✭✭✭ bmorrissey

    stephenl15 wrote: »
    KDB 11.5m

    At 11.5 i'll keep him i reckon, he was too consistent last season not to consider it, but depending on how expensive Fernandes is, that could change yet.

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    Salah 12m

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    Maybe we should use the 20/21 thread instead for announcing prices folks?

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    stephenl15 wrote: »
    KDB 11.5m
    Salah 12m

    Imagine a popular move will have Salah/Mane at the start and a swap to KDB when City begin playing after CL break.

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    Site is open for registrations. Got team ID 18224. Some people are really quick off the mark.

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    Martial 9.0 forward

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    I think we need to close this thread as it's causing confusion