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Inside Man

  • 03-06-2019 10:13am
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    So watched this rather good movie a few nights ago as I'm going through a Denzel Washington thing. One thing I don't get. The bad guys start digging a hole downwards in the store room, where Clive Own eventually ends up hiding behind a partition wall they build. But why the hole? In one scene we see the criminals looking down in to the hole where they've uncovered a sewage pipe. I just don't see the significance of the hole?
    If it's just somewhere to go take a dump then it's way over the top, as the hole took the most time to do. He could have brought some sealable bags with him instead and done his business in those.


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    The hole was a decoy to let the authorities think the 'construction' work being done in the vault was for an escape tunnel. Can't be having all this hardware for drilling and stuff and no obvious signs of drilling occurring. Then the authorities might inspect the entire vault more thoroughly.