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The Last Watch



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    Absolutely loved this documentary, it was great! Better than Season 8 of GoT :pac:

    You really got a sense of how immense of a project this was for everyone, at a truly unprecedented scale. Families split up so parents could both work, 55 nights of filming for an episode nobody could see, prosthetics done exquisitely for the crypt zombies that never got screentime in the end. Months and months to build Kings Landing and then 3 days later burn it down.

    Everyone seemed exhausted but thrilled to be a part of something so large. Everyone involved was putting in the best work of their career. It was really cool to watch.

    It just goes to show, the script is the soul of the work. I feel really bad for everyone who has to deal with the massive backlash to the final season, it must be a bitter pill to swallow. And it comes down to DGAF writing by D&D. Shame.

    Same here I thought it was a good documentary.

    My opinion hasn't changed about the writing but I have a new appreciation for the work involved by all parts of the production. Also how it effected the lives of people who worked on it .