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An Post Parcel Lockers (Like ParcelMotel)



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    Sorry, I'm a bit slow in the uptake here today after a bad night's sleep. If I want to get delivery from the UK to a parcel locker instead of my home address, my understanding is as follows:

    1. Give my UK Addresspal Virtual Address.
    2. I will then get a notification when the parcel is received in the UK.
    3. I will be asked for delivery options ( does this happen when it reaches the UK depot or the Irish depot)
    4. I can select a parcel locker at this stage.

    Is this right? Instead of automatically sending it to a local post office, I can just select a parcel locker? If so, then that is excellent. Also does this work for untracked items?

    Yep, thats it. Your package will be assess for customs duties when it lands in the UK, and you'll be notified of any fees due. At that point your package will get a tracking number and a notification with the options you list above, when it lands in Ireland

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