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Avicii - SOS (P.Fitz Remix)

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    So this isn't really a remix as much as an embellishment - Avicii was by far my favourite musician of the last decade, and I've had this posthumously released song of his stuck in my head for the last month, but every time the post-chorus pluck instrumental section comes around, my head is waiting for the Avicii "explosion" where extra layers of synths get added in, which would be typical of most Avicii songs. This song was sent to the producers as a midi file, and they labelled it "85% complete" before he died - if I had to guess, I'd assume that the final 15% would have been layering and "fattening" the synth sections in this way. So I decided to add them in myself and see how it sounded, and threw in a big Serum-based build. The only thing I might still change about this mix is making the drop a little bigger and longer, listening back to it now, I'm not sure my drop is a big or dramatic enough payoff for the new Serum build which precedes it.

    In that sense, the structure of the song is the same, just with extra instrumentation - and I've looped the final instrumental break for an extra go around just to make the song a little longer.