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Are Cybersecurity Jobs Very Stressful?

  • 29-04-2019 9:12pm
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    Anyone here work in Cybersecurity or know someone who does? Is it very stressful? I guess it's a highly responsible job. How would it rank amongst the most stressful jobs in IT?

    Thanks guys.

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    There are many different types of Cybersecurity Jobs.

    I wouldn't consider any of them especially stressful.

    Most of them are boring.

    Very few of them have anything to do with cryptography or writing exploits.

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    Agree with the above, it sounds a lot sexier than it really is in reality today, and I also would not think it especially stressful.

    It was a very interesting field 20-30 years ago when very real vulnerabilities existed which could be exploited in crafty ways, but in today's world we are mostly dealing with something completely different, e.g. passwords acquired though dumb users or social engineering, brute force DOS attacks etc.

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    Everything looks cooler on TV. A lot of multinational companies in Ireland produce videos of their employees at work. Search McAfee, Norton, Eset Ireland on YouTube and you’ll get some idea of the working environment in these companies.

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    This doesn't sound good:


    Mitch Hedberg: "Rice is great if you're really hungry and want to eat two thousand of something."

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    I think cybersecutity is stressful if you're not prepared. Lots of companies don't invest the money in processes and planning so when something happens it's a catastrophe.

    The bigger companies (some of them anyway) invest before the **** hits the fan so then an incident is either prevented or controlled in your normal day to day work.

    I've worked in both types of company. You don't stay long in the one that don't take security seriously. You don't need to. There are plenty of jobs in the good companies.

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    Worztron wrote: »
    This doesn't sound good:


    That's bad alright.

    But I wonder what sort of response would you get in comparable jobs?

    For example, web development has a thing called Javascript Fatigue where people are getting burnt out by how quickly the technology is moving, and how complex things are becoming (webpack etc.)

    QA is a nightmare. Thankless and misunderstood.

    Tech support is exhausting.

    Software development is continuous never ending learning.

    So I'd need to see a side by side comparison with other tech jobs before I have a sense of the overall stress levels in that field.